Sunday 29th May - Fancy Dress Rideout - 125/L-plate friendly

Been pondering this for a while.

I officially go on study leave on the 29th of May, a long time I know but I should post it anyway :smiley:

It will be my last rideout until all my exams are over…

Anyway, pretty straight forward. When I say fancy dress, i mean fancy dress - as crazy as you can make it (safely).

The ride will be no more than 160 miles (route still to be configured) and leaving from the Ace.

There will be a prize ceremony held upon returning to the Ace; categories consist of:

  1. Best Fancy Dresser - a prize for the best dressed boy and the best dressed girl…
  2. Best Famous Couple - for those 2-up/riding together (Jetstreams eat yer heart out!)
  3. Worst Fancy Dresser - those who are really clueless
  4. Best Budget Fancy Dressing - for those savvy savers
  5. Most Comical Fancy Dress - for those who make us laugh the most

I’m sure i’ll think of more categories as the time comes. The prizes will be brilliant. Brilliantly shite… so don’t get your hopes up.

This ride is open to all levels of riders but please be aware that if you are not experienced then DO NOT choose fancy dress which may impede your riding skills.

Please all be as safe as possible and I’m sure we’ll all have a laugh

Cornerman system will be used and fully adhered to!