Sunday 29th August 2010

Does anyone have a ride out planned for Sunday? ideally starting or ending at the Ace around middayish.

I was thinking of doing a loop from Wycombe to Aylesbury to the Ace but would rather go for a group ride if there is one being organized?

Just a suggestion - mid-day is a bit late to start and a bit early to finish for most group rideouts:w00t:

(But: We can’t do a rideout that day - maybe someone will organise a short one)

Damm that means i will always be left out! :frowning:

I like my sleep on the weekends! especially after a night out! i need time for the alcohol to get out of my body before i get on my bike.

That day I will be supporting Kent police in making sure this passes safely -

yo Perez, if you like to sleep late you’re my kinda guy :smiley:
midday works well for me and i too usually end up around high wycombe area (a413).
i’ve also looped around a22-a272-a3 its a good non stop 3hours ride, if the weather is on our side will be more than happy to keep you company.
we’ll decide towards the end of the week?

Giuliano (20/08/2010)

That day I will be supporting Kent police in making sure this passes safely -[/quote]

will see you there;)

@ SilveR6 i just realised that i got the date wrong! it was the Sunday just gone that i was hoping to go for a rdie out with some LB’s. I can’t make this Sunday as it is Carrrr–nii-vaalll (Caribean accent) and the sunday after i will be on holll-ii-daayy (potuguese accent!)

but i am up for sorting something out on my return, i want to exlpore the roads over wycome way so would be handy to go with someone who regulary rides up that way. il message you when i get back to see if you are free one day over the weekend.

cool, no worries.

ps. i would love to go out on the poole ride but waking up that early is against my religion :smiley:

if anyone’s interested in a more ‘humane’ start of the day, lets say maybe 10am, we can sort something out. weather should be on the good side.

sounds like my kind of ride out and religion :smiley: if you still up for it, let me know. I live near the A1M & M25 junction (New Barnet). :slight_smile:

count me in for any north london rides too! :smiley:

I’m in stanmore


good lads :slight_smile:
so it looks like we are settling for north of london then,
i did it last sunday and its not bad at all,
gone as far as buckingham and there is still a bit left after that.

ooh ooh me too!! pm me and I’ll come with :):smiley:


If you guys are riding out this sunday 29th if you lot dont mind me and my brother like to join please give me more details.

Hope the weathers good


lighting a cigar i love it when a plan comes together… Nice work SilveR6!

hey guys where r u meeting and what time??

pm sent.
the meeting up is as above, if we need to stop along the way to pick somebody up not a problem.

mega excited! it will b my first time to ride in a group of more than 2 ppl.:D:D:D:D

weather is not looking good from tomorrow afternoon tho.

if its like today its not too bad. we can only try and chase the sun :smiley:
since the pool ride has been canceled, people are more than welcome to join in, big groups are ok as long as people dont get too carried away :smiley:
the route coulnt be more friendly, just follow the road.

room for another? whats the pace likely to be?

morning, you’re welcome.
pace is whatever you fancy, usually i tend to be on the medium side.
meeting up at the ace from 10, depart when everyone’s ready.