Sunday 28th of May. Dorset.

Well, the last weekend before Rosso (Jaime) has his operation and the day before the delectable Natalie`s 18th birthday.:Wow:
We propose a ride down south west to meet them at Romsey and have a poke round Dorset.
Highlights will include that hill in Shaftesbury where they did the Hovis ad and the Sandbanks ferry.
There will be more highlights than an Essex salon but I have no desire to do a spoiler.:smiley:

So its Ace for a 9.00am departure, no nobbers, 125s, Italian exotica (unless a fully paid up member of the AA or RAC.) No lightweights, no kettlefish.

Setting off with full tanks, empty bladders and hearts of formica.:smiley:

Returning with empty tanks, full bladders and hearts of gold.:rolleyes:

OK it`s the 26th of May, the flies on my visor distorted my view of the calendar.:slight_smile:

Er Chris it’s the 26th of May next Sunday:blush:

Point noted.:pinch:

uh oh…i love that hill in Shaftesbury!! WE MIGHT be going then…and i am off that Sunday too! let’s see what the Gold-man says…:hehe:

I don’t know what Rosso’s having amputated, or who Natalie is. The formica heart thing might be a bit of challenge too, and I’m prone to nobber-like tendencies. I do like Dorset though, and I’ve never had any dealings with kettle-based aquariums.
Do I win five pounds?


dogs care already organized, so off to Dorset we go.

either that or I’ll have a husky and a jack Russell in my tank bag :smiley:

Cindy, would be amazing if you guys can make it.

knobber checking in (provisionally)
I’m from Dorset so look forward to treating you to my local yokel anecdotes and repartee.

does that mean your coming out again.

will look forward to your yokel anecdotes bull sh1te :):smiley:

I like it… nobber with a ‘k’. I aspire to be a nobber with a ‘k’ :smiley:

I might already be in that sort of area, so I can meet you guys somewhere on the way, do you know the route yet?

Where will you be?

Can we stop off at

for a photograph of some illegally parked motorcycles? It’s just a mile from

I have already ‘come out’, i am told by Joby’s potential new Stylist that it is not proper to keep ‘coming out’ :slight_smile:

Do you sleep, eat and do loo time with your helmet on also?? :smiley:

ASBOs back… Count me in, can’t say I’ll behave though

oh my days. this is gonna be so much fun. hopefully it will stay dry at the weekend.

Well I might actually be in Torquay, Devon. But if you let me know what route you’re taking I’d love to meet you somewhere

ST945090 (OS grid ref)