Sunday 28th! Cubana's lunch

Guys we will do this way. We can have our first Sunday lunch on 28th May. It will be on the get your own food basis for this time. After that we can choose a menu and I will try to get a special deal for us in it. You may have to call them to reserve a table if you ant to sit.

So, who’s up for that?

Me! By get your own food, do you mean bought from the bar, or packed-lunch?

lol, packed lunch and reserve a table? That’s a bit too much lol! You have to buy your own food rather then the buffet previously mentioned! It will be cheapper for those that don’t eat a lot as £10,00 buy yourself a lot of nice food there.

Barro will “Munch with the Bunch” !!!

they are not allowed to barbecue outside the premisses… So, no barbecue there for us!

I’ll try my best to make this one, I know where, but what time you looking at?

Cheers Mark.