Sunday 28th August Jetstream rides somewhere.

Might be:Whistling:

give that man a rivitt:)

does a typical jets ride out entail riding the bendiest roads to a chosen destination or would one expect a fair bit of A roads/dual carridgeways etc?

Bendy whenever possible! May need a few straight ones on the way home, depending on how late it gets. :wink:

sounds good. one more question, whats the typical pace like? sensibly brisk or what, bearing in mind the other ride out is 125 friendly etc

Yes, sensibly brisk sounds euphemistic enough to cover all eventualities.:slight_smile:

If I ride too fast Mrs J gives my kidneys an encouraging massage.:pinch:

Alex Gold, you are now the proud owner of a pure titanium TSR2 rivet.:smiley:

You coming along to collect it?

You could explain to Cindy that the demise of Britains aerospace industry was an indirect result of America touting the F111 as an alternative.

Bet you can`t still get F111 rivets.:angry:

have a fun day, I’m gutted that i cant come out to play.:crying:

Looking likely, see you at the ace for my prize either way!

To quote Urban Dictionary - “sensibly brisk isn’t defined yet.”

I have a genuine Piaggio panel screw for the first person to post an appropriate definition of “sensibly brisk”!

Very glad to know you have recovered from your unidentified lurgy, at least well enough to take part in this screw giveaway post. We don’t feel an urgent need for a Piaggio panel screw atm but we will offer a definition:

“Sensibly brisk” - The progression of persons in or upon vehicles whilst abiding to National speed limits to the best of their ability whilst making good use of all road space available at the time and having a fat lot of fun into the bargain and having a passing regard to the dictums of IAM at times"

Hope to see you, we need someone sensible on this rideout.

Joby the blue Peter wannabe is flaky at the best of times and by all accounts rides better under your tutelage.

what’s everyone riding so i know who to look out for for as i’m an lb ride virgin. i’ll be on a silver zx9

We’re on a black Daytona 955, Joby’s on a CBR RR in mint green and black, wearing vivid yellow leathers, you can’t miss him.

We’ll be at the Ace around 9.10 am for a prompt 9.30 departure. Look forward to seeing you in the morning:)

Hi Chris / Julie … Really like to ride with you guys for a while tomorrow if I may but unfortunately I do need to be home mid afternoon ish so will have peel off as when I am affriad… is that’s OK

Great Geoff, come along for as long as you want to, we’ll see you in the morning. Will be good to have a sensible person along:D

Given you’ve called me a wuss I may do the same, come along till lunch then take the most direct route home… hmmm.

I don’t recognise that definition - far too conservative - how about - “Sensibly brisk” - The progression of persons in or upon vehicles with some regard to National Speed Limits, making good use of all road space available, having a fat lot of fun and trying to remember the dictums of IAM."

Urban Dictionary like all good dictionaries requires an example of usage -

He wasn’t sensibly brisk - he crashed!


Rumor has it there may be enough cameras to strip you of your licence before 11am so be aware and ride on our back wheel, we`ll give you a wave as we are short of points.:stuck_out_tongue: