Sunday 28th August Jetstream rides somewhere.

9.30am departure from the Ace.

Looks like west by north west with a stop somewhere scenic. Bring yer sheep fenders and wellies.

No nobbers, Harleys, 125s, Ninjas unless their number plates stay on, double white line cutters, undertakers, ditch surfers, etc.

Back before dark.:slight_smile:

lol! :smiley:

Well if you venture west towards Cheltenham let me know and I’ll get a cup of tea going… I think I have tea in the house :doze:

Sorry to have to miss a Jetstream rideout, particularly as it’s been a while :crying:

but I’m being taken south and east-ish by a strange man who hangs around the Blackheath Teahut a lot :w00t:

I’m in (subject to weather), first Jetstreem so looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I should be there. Have to try to re solder my headphones on Saturday ready for the ride.

How far north west. :smiley:

Probably not as far as you intend to go:D

A bit of ham fisted soildering and my headphones are fixed so should be all set. I’m in the process of getting ultimate ears made but they won’t be here for a few weeks. I needed a better pair so I can still hear Madonna at the higher speeds the new bike is capable of.

Which you’re only too aware of now after last week! :smiley:


I am new to London and this group.
I have a 1999 suzuki SV650.
Can I join you guys on this rideout ?
How are they usually organised. Do you guys plan to go at high speeds or is it a laid back ride.


Well they’re not usually described as laid back. If that is what you want there is another ride organised by TimR on the same day.

This one will be a full day, about 300 miles.

moi laid back …horizontal me …

D’ont think so when you took us upto the National Memorial Arboretum :slight_smile:

I am just recovering from some nasty bug or other. If better by Sunday will probably recuperate on Tim’s ride.

potentially making my LB ride debut, sounds good and i fancy a rideout!

We`ll be leaving 9.30am prompt from the Ace, make sure you are fully fuelled and empty bladdered.:blush:

Our proposed destination for lunch,

First correct guess will receive a complimentary “genuine TSR2 rivet”.:stuck_out_tongue:

They`re solid titanium.:cool:

bugger, havent touched my bike since I got back on Monday and needs some TLC before Silverstone monday so will have to pass :crazy: have fun

DayFromUntilTempFeelsUVRainCloudDirSpeedGustWeatherSun 28 Aug1:003:599 °c8 °c00.0 mm33 %6 mph7 mph4:006:599 °c8 °c00.0 mm40 %5 mph6 mph7:009:5913 °c12 °c20.0 mm42 %6 mph7 mph10:0012:5915 °c15 °c40.2 mm32 %8 mph9 mph13:0015:5916 °c15 °c70.3 mm0 %9 mph11 mph16:0018:5916 °c12 °c50.3 mm0 %7 mph8 mph19:0021:5913 °c7 °c00.0 mm1 %6 mph7 mph22:000:598 °c6 °c00.0 mm3 %5 mph6 mph

Llantony Priory again finally?! :smiley: