Sunday 26th March TOWiE light extra!

Sunday 26th March TOWiE light extra road test. Once again taking on 150 miles of the B1508, B1078 and other top drawer
stretches of tarmac in and around Essex and the adjacent foreign lands
of Suffolk. No passports required this side of Brexit.

Meeting at The Bungalow Diner, 45 London Road, Marks Tey, Colchester, Essex CO6 1EB (for
Sat Nav use the postcode CO6 1DY) for a 10:00 am departure. If you want
refreshments or breakfast before we leave arrive early as we don’t want
to be hanging around.

A moderate paced, non-motorway ride
employing the corner man system as required. Arrive on a roadworthy bike
with a full tank of fuel and an empty bladder. Have with you sufficient
funds to cover the costs of fuel and nibbles for the day. No boy
racers, no girl racers, no white line over takers, no late brakers, no
cats, no dogs, no whingers and no Fords. Everyone else welcome. Ride
safely, at your own pace and enjoy the day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the corner man system check out Andy’s most excellent Ride out Guide below

Taking the nephew to Wembley Sunday. Will probably pop down for breaking, but won’t be riding sadly :flushed:

Any ride out’s for b road noobs coming up

Pop down for breakie

:0 that’s mothers day!

Any ride out's for b road noobs coming up Bigty
Not sure I understand the question but all the information is in the opening post, come along.
Pop down for breakie bluelagos
breakfast works
:0 that's mothers day! Boris

My sisters and I treat our Mother on our birthdays, that way she gets three Mothers Days a year and then some! I might send her a postcard from Orford Quay

I think that you will be fine on that one. It’s mainly B roads as stated above and 125 friendly.

Should make it but waiting for missus to confirm work status. Hope you have pub lunch sorted as them Mothers ain’t cooking.

Orford Quay, we’ll find something although expect most pubs to be rammed.

10.00am. That’s 9am in real money

I see what you did there

We will have to see what time we finish on Saturday. That’s a bit early for us

Do you have a gig saturday night?

I’m performing, yes. Not sure if it qualifies as a gig as I can’t see any money in it

You know you want to meet me on route

Brian You know you want to meet me on route brains_t
It's been ages. Of course we want to see you. But maybe not this particular Sunday

Would love to but need brake pads argh

How does that happen?

Mine are looking like this all round, ignore the rusty pin but note the shiny calliper piston :wink: