Sunday 26th July... ASBO Circuit

Advanced notice I know, just consider this as a warning order…

Meet at Jacks Hill Cafe -timing TBC
Stop off for a tasty and well priced Sunday Lunch
Complete half of my local circuit which includes a dash up fish hill
Head to H Cafe to finish off the day

As per it would be great if the Jets or someone could lead the group from Ace to Jacks Hill and then those that need it from H Cafe back down to the Ace.

A volunteer for tail end Charlie as well please :slight_smile:

I like to keep the numbers down to about 10 riders but I know I’ll get talked into allowing more than that by the Jets and others .
No water crossings planned unless a special request is put in.

No noobs, nobbers or 125s…
The pace will be progressive but as always ride at your own pace, I accept no responsibility for you or your actions.
It’s advised you don’t go passed me when I stop or you’ll get lost, errrm not naming the SD rider from last time :wink:

I’d be up for some of that!

look forward to it.

Yep I’m up for it too :grinning:

There’s a good chance I’ll be in Paris that weekend, if not I’ll be there.

To be fair you must have been stopped for him to get passed you. Looking forward to this.

Rosso, it would be good to see you back out on the bike again, thing the last time we road together was when you took me on the mini TT road

yeah the charlbury tt road, gets a lot of use from LBers these days, part of the chipping Norton breakfast run. :slight_smile:

There’s a chance we may be away that weekend depending on mum’s annual leave arrangements at work. If we’re at home we’ll obviously be in for this son.

I’m off to Rhodes in a couple of days but im looking forward more to getting back on the bike than Greece :o Although we’ll prob hire a bike like our last hol.

Almost local for me, if i can arrange mother-sitting duties around it I’ll let you know and see if I can tag along

This is the day that we’ll be setting off from the Midlands (West Hallam to be precise). We may be able to meet at Jack’s Hill if it is not too early and may be able to ride with you B.

(This is also the day of the Finchingfield ride by Ink and the same day as the Streetfighter Stunting show at Wembley so a lot of people will be busy that day)

I’ll still run the ride if people are up for it

Okay, those that are still up for this, fancy wiggling it into the FF ride so I can meet up with some folk I’ve not seen in a long time?

David, Ill be shagging yer mums sister that morning, wont take long but the subsequent appologies may take longer.
So we may not make this but if we do we will hunt you and the Finchingfield crew down like dirty dogs.

So who wants this ride to go ahead? Who fancies tagging onto the FF ride?

I’m out for this and the next week or so. Have fun!

If people are still up for this I’ll go for meeting at Jacks Hill 0930 aiming to leave by 1000

If not I’ll have a little lie in and lap the twisties round my way.

I see the FF lot are a bunch of fairies

We just don’t want to show you up