Sunday 24th Ride Out

Sunday 24th, Leaving the Ace at 9.30am heading to Avebury, Wilts. We will stop at H Cafe, Berinsfield if anyone wants to meet us there about 10.30.
The weather is supposed to be dry from 2am tonight and dry tomorrow, temps between 11-13 degrees.
All welcome not suitable for L plates as may/will involve some motorway.

Corner man system will be used if there’s a few coming.

would like to think I can make it, will see how she who must be obeyed feels about it tomorrow.

lol I’m sure the lovely Nats will let you loose

Thinking of coming…

I bet SWMBO would rather we come along in a van not a triumph.  :slight_smile:

We are coming - if I can source batteries for the alarm fob which has chosen an awkward moment to start pissing about. 

Ok …

Planning to be there

I will try to meet you at H’s for a cuppa.

Might not come onto Avebury.

There’s a lot of crap on the roads up around H’s at the moment. We were up there earlier today - but being girly wusses and in the car. Take care out on them there greasy, gravely roads tomorrow kiddies.

On way. Running a bit late

Ditto :slight_smile: if I don’t make the ace in time I’ll chase you up the a40 and see you at H’s

looks like we are a no show !! :frowning:

very quiet at the H 

Rosso you’re under the thumb nerrrr
There’s 7 brave souls out today.

Thanks for having me along today folks.

Muddy bike needs a clean. :slight_smile:

Lovely to see Russ, TDJ, Late Brains, Borris, Big Red, Hogtrumpet, SirBen & Sue & our friend Mike who rode down for lunch from Leicester … Thanks for a good day, now where’s me biatch the bike needs cleaning :grinning:

Thanks Ang. We had a lovely day out. Great company too.

Great day Ang.

Got back okay even though Boris realised he didn’t fully complete the engine swap.

Can your biatch do two?

Haha, what had he forgotten?

Thanks all for a great day out :)