SUNDAY 24th Ride down to Hayling Island anyone?

Anyone coming out to play on Sunday then… weathers looking good after a horrible dreary wet week…

Call me old fashioned but I thought I might have a run down to Hayling Island for lunch at the “Inn on the beach” or other … head out west by south west and wiggle my way down their and come back up on some old favorites finish up at Box Hill for a brew maybe…

I’ll be going anyway… bimbling come hooning my way down… but if any others of you are interested I’ll put a bit of a proper route together and sought a meet time/place, maybe a Ace meet 10ish or else where… what suits… see what reponse then… I thank you :slight_smile:

yes mate, i would love to join you. :smiley: i just gotta get back in the saddle. this week`s weather has been terrible.

I know what you mean Tim I havn’t been on the bike all week, very unusual, getting withdrawal symptoms so look forward to it… will be out riding tomorrow mind but on a family visit… see who else is in then and we’re sought out meet tomorrow

Hi, I would not mind tagging along, however, what sort of pace will you be doing?

Hi Amit… Probably be a steady pace but really depends on who and how many are interested, if enough to mark corners then it won’t matter as you can just ride at your own pace, if only a couple or a small group then may be different… see how/if it develops…

May be up for this…bike is fixed now! Will know tomorrow.


i’ll be going down the route i was suppose to do last week, still need to scrub my tires properly :smiley:

i’ll come to say hello at the ace :smiley:

Ah but Alba will you be going east or west?:smiley: … we will be crossing 272 somewhere probably south of Alton… you could peel off there…

ok we’ll have a look at the map at the ace in the morning and see if we’re going down the same way for a bit. i usually go down the a22 and take it from east to west ( is that correct?)
i’ve done that dozens of times at least i know that one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep correct:)… but I will probably, although I haven’t looked at a route yet, head west out towards Reading and cut down, maybe do the B’stoke to Alton rd so maybe cross it near Petersfield so be the other way for you…

How long will the route be dude? ish…


Ah is that Stu “keep off the grass” 636 Ninja?:stuck_out_tongue:

route errrr… I guess it will be 80+ miles down and 50/60 ish back to Box for a mid/late afternoon finish

Have a good ride Geoff, we’re otherwise engaged on Sunday. Hope you don’t need your top-box this week:)

I’ll be up for this :w00t:… The bike has been collecting dust for a fortnight …

Thanks Chris/Julie… let’s hope I don’t need it aye :ermm:… you guys have a nice day

Lol…Hope that was the first and last time! Sounds good :o) Will know later today.



I’m a maybe to meet you enroute- where are you passing on the way down?

Sounds like a plan. When and where are we setting off from?

OK meet confirmation

Sorry for the late replies here and on the pm’s… been out all day…

Depart from the Ace then at 10.15ish… so I’ll be there around 9.45… ride finishing at Box hill…

SUN is forecast for all day… :slight_smile:

Hi David going to be leaving from the Ace 10.15ish and heading out west before cutting down so not passing anywhere near you in Croydon, will be finishing back at Box though that’s on your way home, get to the Ace you know it make sense;) … Sun all day none of those monsoon like last week:)