Sunday 23rd July 2006

I am running a little saunter through the countryside for some people. Meeting at the Oakdene Cafe, just down the road from Brands Hatch at 15:00. The reason for the time is to avoid the worst of the heat of the day as well as a lot of the cagers. The roads we shall be travelling are mainly twisty A’s and B’s.

This is not a ballistic run, more of a confidence inspirer and a chance to practice some bends. Anyone welcome. Please let me know if you want to attend.

i am taking a little run down to brighton the morning - so will see what time i get back - if back in time - then may just join you Chuffster…

The Oakdene is off the A20 - isnt it??

Yep - A20, just at the bottom of Rootham Hill. Garage next door to fill up with juice.

I’m up for this, Chuffster, Cheers.

I am up for this, but will txt you in the morning to be sure. If I get up in time, I may go out early, but on the other hand, it has been a while since I went out on a group run, and I know I would enjoy it.

I’m thinking that sounds like a good idea. I was thinking of riding down to my parents place in Kent this weekend. It has been a while since I took the bike down there.

I have to ride into Kent on Sunday morning so I’m up for that.


Now I know what you’re talking about

Would love to have fella but got prior commitments. Next time defo.

That’s the place where I met Lost in the layby when I led you from Box Hill… At the bottom of Wrotham Hill on the A20… Oakdene car park is a sh!t tip full of gravel and potholes - best avoided - use the layby opposite

Remember Lost…?

Sadly I doubt I will be along for this due to other commitments

sorry could not remember which junction it was…

Possibly be able to make it, but not sure yet.

so who is going to this???

I am.

Very tempted…wife permiting

Count me in.


C’mon Barry, you know you want to. You can do family stuff in the morning (perhaps when they are all asleep!).

I am meeting with Adam (AJ from BHF) at Box for a 13.30ish departure to the cafe.

Due to a yet another trackday on Tuesday (yippee!), I will be taking it easy.

…ah but under orders to paint Der Bitchen Bunker…anything for a quiet life. So if I make it to Boxhill by 1300hrs I’m coming. If not I’m dawbing paint on the house…gonna be good weatherwise tomorrow too.

Hello peeps,is this for sunday ???

i could be tempted to bring the xtx out after a wash and brush up.Is it white or red carnations so i can reconise people ?

I’m coming. Not that familiar with the A20, so if you see someone hoon past a few times in both directions it’ll probably be me!

See you there

sounds good…i usually go out at about 8.30 down to box every sunday but this sounds better…i will have a shuffle around and try to make it…i agree about the car park it looks the main street in lebenon!..also check the cups i had a lovely cuppa on wed…but the cup looked like a grease monkey had his paws around it…even the bit in front of the handle…supose it adds to the taste!