Sunday 23 August

Owing to total memory loss, Chris and the Gorgeous one can`t think where to organise a rideout to.:slight_smile:

Usual rules apply.

Suggestions limited strictly to the first fifteen:cool:.

Silly ideas will be considered;).

Meeting point must be within sixty miles of London:unsure:.

Heritage sites and good lunch/ cream tea venues will garner extra points:sick:.

Please be advised that if none of your suggestions raise our libido:hehe:, we will be forced to organise something late on Saturday night after a few bottles of Chilean Merlot:P, so think hard or take the consequences.:smiley:

Chris and the (ever so) Gorgeous one xxx

Hows about

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Brekkie at Blackbushe Airport Cafe, Elevensies at Alton Station Cafe and a ride on the Watercress Line Steam Train and then Beaulieu for tea :wink:

Thanks Jackie you are now validated as the first suggestion.

I can’t attend I’m afraid as I’m going camping with my imaginary friend James. If he bails on me then I’ll be there so were looking at a 50% chance.

gosh, I am too useless to organise anything to do with roads, am glad I find my way to the Ace on my own lol - but I’d love to come along :slight_smile:

We’re reckoning on more like a 95% chance we’ll see you, so think of somewhere anyway;)

We’re not asking you to organise it J - just think of somewhere to aim for and then we will find the route:D

How about Amesbury to Devizes, across the Somerset levels then on to the Haynes Museum at Yeovil -

You could call it Plains, Drains and Automobiles.

Whilst me and my rootin’ tootin’ 125 won’t be joining you, how’s about a tour of racecourses (only coz there are some great roads between them and it gives you an excuse :D)Could start at Epsom Downs, head on to Lingfield, down to Plumpton, Brighton, Fontwell & Goodwood. Yo can extend that run to the east by taking in Folkstone or the west by taking in Salisbury (or both :D).

Then head up to Newbury, across to Ascot, up into Windsor and finish off at Kempton Park?

How about Ironbridge Gorge ? Fred Dibnah loved it there. Has several museums and cafe’s, pubs etc.Did you like that ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very interesting suggestions so far. The next Jetstream planning meeting is on Saturday night, so keep 'em coming!

From Mrs B

How about a SAGA tour of the south coast towns so beloved of the beige handbag brigade ? St Leonards, Bournemouth, Eastbourne, Bexhill to name but a few :smiley:

Hang on Mo, how did you manage to get Bournemouth in amongst a load of Sussex coastal towns? Isn’t that a bit too far west to fit in amongst the others in one day?!? :blink:

Or flyby Castle Coombe circuit where I will be alternately spannering, being team photographer and brolly dolly for the Ducati Desmo Equipe Grand Nez… Q

he he he, of course you don’t want me to organise it, you might have to take two weeks off before you got back home lol

How about the 12 lakes tour, Breakfast at Squires Lunch at Ponderosa. :slight_smile:

Not for a Jetstream ride out it’s not :w00t:

…or for a Hayabusa :slight_smile:

So any idea where we’ll be going yet?

Oh did I forget to mention I’m in, I might even clean the bike today especially for it… :wink:

Planning starts this evening when Chris arrives;)

(& now you’ve said you’ll clean the bike especially he will probably institute an inspection before set-off):smiley: