Sunday 23.9.12 Short ride for rain dodgers.

Well my friends, the autumn is here but never fear Jetstream is here to help.

We`re off to Cambridge to a secret car park where bikes can get out for free.

This will be a dry in the morning rideout with lunch and pre Christmas shopping in this town full of student tottie.

Bring yer other halves for a right good shopping bonanza.

We plan a stop at the Silver Ball Cafe on the A10 for authenticity.

The ride home will be wet, if its not raining were going through a car wash, so bring yer oil skins and souwesters.

Suitable for inveterate shoppers and hard core bikers only.

Leaving the Ace at 9.00am so as not to miss coffee at the Silver Ball, bargains in Cambridge and a jolly good time all round before the rain sets in.

Prompt departure, empty tanks and full bladders.

When I get home I have to do a training run in the rain and in great pain. (Please donate on the link below)

Would love to join you but for the metalic glint of my tyre, FWR not letting me join your queue, and Rubber Ranch taking a vacation!

Has it let out air or are you just whoosing out?

Who told you it was going to be dry in the morning???:pinch:

Chris Fawkes the BBC weatherman.

AM definitely looks best wet wise. As for air - when I spotted the glint, the tyre was 25% down in pressure and when I place my finger over the offending item, I can feel the pressure trying to push my finger off. Well peed off as it is only two days since Jackie picked up a panel pin and a screw from a piece of wood left in the middle of Wandsworth that lead to us both spending the evening on the A3 waiting for recovery and then a new tyre at FWR the next day. At least her tyre was half worn. Mine is almost brand new and I hope it can be saved. I promise to ride it like it was a scooter!

Have fun …

As much as I like riding in the rain and Mrs Art the shopping we have a very special Skype conference scheduled for 10am

He got it wrong!!! it’s pissing down:w00t:

Only just seen this :crazy:, would of come for the morning ride, without the shopping…

I got as far as the ace to wave them off :hehe:

It stayed dry in Cambridge till after lunch.:slight_smile: We only got wet for the full length of the M11.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see TDJ and NumNum at the Ace this morning.

Met up with ND at South Mimms Services and made our way to the Silver Ball by way of back roads.

Had a wander round Cambridge and a pub lunch before braving a sodden M11 to get home.:slight_smile:

You knows you loves it

did you make an offer on the Norton, love the fluffy seat cover.