Sunday 23/08/15

Meet at the ace at 9:30, to leave at 10.
Back for dinner after about 150 miles.

This may get cancelled if someone else posts a ride, as I’d rather follow than lead.

You, me, Irena and Jaime. Sounds like a dream scenario.
Ben Sir Amos will come if we promise Irena in a swimmy cossy.
Looks like she, he, you and we might need one though.
Check back on Saturday, I was thinking Ridgeway light if its raining, there are some puddles deep enough for a wallow. Should the gods smile its Camber Sands for tea cakes and skinny dipping.

Looking at the forecast, I think we will go to the coast on Saturday and do our visiting duties on Sunday. I need to feel the sand between my toes and the warm sun on my back.