Sunday 22nd July, Jetstream goes good to firm.

After our soft start with such a good bunch of folk, Julie feels it`s time to go Dakar stylee next week.

Shes thinking Kensington, Im thinking Kinshasa.:smiley:

So we`ve reached a compromise, Knickers, Knitting, Knookie and Kinver.

Here`s mud in yer eye.:w00t:

Unfortunately, this ride will not be suitable for 125`s, Goldwings or knobbers :wink:

We`ve done it before so we can do it again.–troglodytes-ride?PageIndex=2

Visit the home of the Hobbits, hopefully Hoc11 will be availlable as a guide to the multiple breakfast stops accessible on this notorious route.:blink:

So for those who like good roads, pert waitresses and history served with an ice cream, this is your day.

If its raining well go to the V&A.:blush:

Prompt departure from the Ace at 9.30am.:slight_smile:

Sounds promising. I’ve a few things to get ready before my week off but should be there. Need to square off the last bit of my rear tyre before it’s replaced.

Pert waitresses, you know how to sell a ride. :smiley:

Please remind me about the pert waitresses I missed last time. Perhaps when I had mud in my eye, i missed the view ?

Apparently the Jetstream is going to move North this weekend bringing sunny weather:cool:

Ah crapa, gotta miss this one :crazy: family commitments… have good one!

Well we remember them as being rather lovely. You must have been too busy oggling the canal at the time, trying to work out how the lock gates operated:D

Boo … its the stunt bike festival next Sunday! And I’d love to do the Dakar with you too :smiley:

Hope to see you for brekkie though, if you’re starting at the Ace?

yes i am a total nerd, i feel attracted to strange things with moving parts that no-one else gives a toss about :smiley:

‘goes good to firm’ with pert waitresses?

does this ride requires viagra Mr J?

(only applies for the gentlemen involved, naturally)


BSB at brands hatch :angry:

Would be nice to see you again Alex, it’s been ages:)

As to the starting point, if the weather behaves and we do go to Kinver the starting point is likely to be elsewhere (quite a bit further North):slight_smile:

yeah i’ll be there too, total nightmare :Whistling:

Kinshasa would be so much more fun :smiley: Happy to buy the teas for everyone who makes it

could be up for this if there is a cotswold collection piont. might even bring her indoors out if the triumph plays ball (the bike not the bra, i expect the bra is more reliable though)

Mrs R is looking lovely as ever. We’d better save the “No Bra Ride” until winter then:)

Oops - I’m getting my dates wrong! Next weekend is BSB and the weekend after is the Stunt festival.

If I escape work on the weekend, I’ll come join you - and definitely for brekkie anyway :slight_smile:

Where are you starting from…

Much as I would love to come along and hold up your ride, plus see the gorgeous Jets again and pert waiters in their uniforms, I have another little ride planned instead, darn sarf to the seaside, innit blud? :smiley: :wink:

Enjoy X

Jetstream rideouts either start at the Ace or on the border with Wales. I think this one is starting from the Ace.