Sunday 22nd April - Road Closures for Marathon

Hi All,

(Hoping the attachments work!)

Many of you maybe going on a rideout on this Sunday, in particular the St George’s rideout. Please take note of the following road closures.

I’m actually unable to attend any rideout because I’m closed in by the marathon - they have offered us an overnight garage to store vehicles for use following day (bugger that!)

Just make sure guys before leaving you know how to bipass this and also be aware there will probably heavy congestion on the roads that are open.



Branson kettles Plum

Since you are boxed in, perhaps you could come and support me then!

Just bumping this before weeked so people are aware of it :slight_smile:

I can’t read the attachments. It opens a new page but it’s blank.

They’re both PDF documents do you have adobe reader or adobe reader as a part of your browser.

Best IT support ever! =P

Seriously though, thanks for the heads up :smiley:

Never have any difficulties reading pdfs linked to from other sites.

Is there a way to download them?

If any wants to crash at my place in Watford so they can get out to the St Georges day ride you are more than welcome.

Also have a garage for safe parking of bikes.

right-click> “save link as” or “save target as”

Cheers, I thought I’d tried that but it’s worked now.

Is the Blackwall Tunnel and the approach road open anyone know?



Your link, Miss Plum, has caused a problem with explorer and has caused it to close… I can only pressume the whole of the interweb will be closed for the marathon. Hrmph.