Sunday 22 July - New To Big Bikes Rideout (125 friendly)

Am testing my new sat nav route planning software by punching in a route through Essex that will be very familiar to some :rolleyes: (figuring that if the software makes it go tits up - at least I’ll still know the way home :D)

Starting at McDonalds Whalebone Lane - just off the A12 - less than 10 minutes from the A406 - link here :

Time not set in stone yet … but am thinking 10am if you’re having brekkie … 10:30 if not.This will largely be a law abiding bimble125s welcome knobbers not.The ride will feature at least one stop for a cream-tea or ice cream. Two if the going is good and the sat-nav is working as it should!

I doubt there will be enough interest to warrant the cornerman system - but - read this page anyway - just in case :

So … anyone interested? :slight_smile:

Good call Chris, if we weren’t already going somewhere we would have rocked up to support:)

Hope the 125s who “never get anything organised to include them” see this and join in, it will be a cracker we are sure. Enjoy the day, weather is looking great:)

How many miles roughly? Time heading back etc?

I might be up for this, deppending on the weather. just got a few things to do tomorrow evening

Mileage … undecided … :ermm:

Time heading back … unsure … :blink: :crazy:

Weather … stunning :rolleyes: :smiley: :hehe:

No in all seriousness - I’m not 100% … the “short” version of the day will be 90 miles from A12 to A12

If the weather is as good as its looking like it will be … and people want to play out for longer … then it might be more like 150 (or maybe more - I’m still figuring out how the software/TomTom works :hehe: )

If you want to leave earlier though - and have maps on your phone - or even an old fashioned paper map(!) - I’ll be able to point you back in the right direction with relative ease - we’ll never be particularly far away from either the M11 or the A12 if you need to head back into town quickly/direct route.

Cool. well Im just curious. I might have to jump o this tho!

Have you got any definates yet?

Fanx C&J :kiss:

It’s a little last minute - so I’ll forgive them if they don’t come along this time - but hopefully some will be free to enjoy the sunshine :cool:

Hope you have an excellent day with your motley crew

I’m a definite :wink:

I’ve had one person PM me who hasn’t posted up to say they are a maybe …

If nobody confirms though - I might not bother with the McD’s brekkie stop - head straight for the lanes … so c’mon folks … SPEAK UP OR MISS OUT

Well we’ve only got Mr & Mrs Rosso so far, but they’ll have to act motley:D

Can’t make it tomorrow unfortunately which is a shame it’s been a while since I’ve been on a rideout. I will be new to big bikes soon hopefully though so might be up for something like this in about two weeks :slight_smile:

I’d love to have come along and shown some support and well done for organising it. However am on another little ride (non LB one) tomorrow. But have a great time and glad the sun is out and shining for once :slight_smile: Go where the road takes you and enjoy:D

Aw Hels its a shame, were sure you and they will cope fine in your mutual absences.

Hope you wing it well on a non LB ride and good luck to Mr-C and his posse.

Hope you all find the cream pies teas you deserve.:smiley:

Well it would appear to be just me then … which means I can go out whenever I fancy

Anyone who is interested has as long as it takes me to have a shower, get dressed, do my tyre pressures and chain lubing - to post up or PM me to say they are coming along …

If I hear nothing - then I won’t be going to McD’s Whalebone Lane :slight_smile:

have fun those going im sadly working :frowning: plus it sounds a itch to get to from sunny Harrow

I WOKE UP LATE :confused:

Hope you had a good one!

15 miles around the North Circular is a bitch of a journey?

Sounds to me like biking isn’t for you mate … have you considered stamp collecting? I reckon there must be forums for that too? Maybe they have regular meets that you can post up about and not attend too?

:wink: :hehe: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pulling up a chair… :smiley:

Mr C, you are a diamond.

You 125ers do not deserve such a god as this.

d’awwh … shucks :blush:

erm actually i do attend the meets unless its raining or im too tired after work or i have a double shift on then i dont go ace cafe and considering my work journey is about 5 miles each way and i dont do long distance riding so yeah 15 miles is a bitch as im not used to long distance riding, we aint born being used to long distance riding and if i cant make a meet i post about due to last minute work issues i think work is more important than anything else.

plus i was at work so i dont really give a monkeys about not bein able to attend this ride out and to be honest ride outs dont interest me in all honesty rather just stick to going ace cafe when i can and relaxing there with mates and it aint many miles from home.

Mr C - you are one sarcastic fugger :smiley: