Sunday 21st September 2014 Kop Hill Climb Revival

Sunday 21st September 2014 The 6th Annual Kop Hill Climb Revival

Meet 8.30am for breakfast at the Ace leaving around 10am for Kop Hill, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire.

I’ll be on four wheels so either make your own way from the Ace to Kop Hill or follow the Geri’, I’m sure you’ll be able to keep up. Alternatively make you own way directly to Kop Hill and meet up there. The car/mo’cycle park is on Brimmers Road, Princes Risborough between Brimmers Farm and Kop Hill.

The Kop Hill Climb is a standing start up hill run. I’m told its not a race although I’m sure many break the 60 mph posted speed limit over the ½ mile of the course. 88 Motorcycles will be racing ridden up the hill on Sunday ranging from a 1912 Triumph single speed roadster to a 2010 Suzuki GSXR. If I were a gambling man I’d wager the Suzuki will be the fastest motorcycle up the hill at silly mph. There will also be 250+ cars from a vintage 1904 Berliet to a modern day 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS GT. Petrol head heaven.

Spectator information :- Adult entry £10.00, half day grandstand £5.00, under 12’s free, parking free

Run times :- 09:45 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:15

inter webby didgeridoo dah here

Not one of LB’s most popular meets

I’ll be limping into the Ace early doors if you want to join me for a steaming cuppa Rosie Lee.

Failing that, as I’m heading out through Hertfordshire, I might sign up with the Kishan Massive :w00t: