Sunday 20th ride out to brugge and poss more!!

Who wants to go?:w00t:

I will be taking the Wife with me aswell

Let me know If you would like to spend a day going to brugge and then –If anyone wants to –possible the D940 South to saint-valery-sur-somme.

This is quite a HARD CORE ish RIDE OUT!

The approx distance ridden in France will be 280mls in total

Calais>Brugge>Calais (145mls)

Calais>saint-valery-sur-somme>Calais (135mls)

Will be at Folkstone for depature @ 08:00

Get to Calais then a quick ride to Brugge to spend X amount of time walking about the town/sight seeing etc… or whatever.

After a Caffe au late we will take a vote to see if we can handle the cool run down south to experience the D940. We will stop at a cafe in saint-valery-sur-somme for some Butt resting and general chit chat.

After that we will head to Calais to get the 20:00 back to good ol’ Blighty!

£28 return + fuel and pocket money. Cheap day out!

I will be riding a GSXR 600 at a steady pace. Faster or slower if you prefer.

:smiley: That’s my plan… Who’s with me?

D901 & D1001 better road to St-Valery-sur-somme :slight_smile:

i want to get out Sunday…but 8am at Folkstone…Jeez. Im near Luton…that would mean getting up at silly o’clock:w00t:

and you point is what exactly fatboy ?..yes ther is more than one 8 o’clock in the day :D:P

Hard core ride out???:w00t: is the 280 miles before lunch and another 280 miles after:w00t:

We do Brugge 4/5 times a year, nice place, do not ride acroos the main square after 10 am, it’s not allowed.

Would have joined you if more notice, already commited to other things:)

Looks interesting, I’m thinking about it. But where can you get Dover to Calais for £28 return?

try sea france mate and if you call them up you might even be able to get it cheaper than what they quote you on the web!!

would also love to come but not enough notice as im working nights and finish @7 in the morning. booooo

I think he means Folkstone to Calais on the train, joby;)

Yeah, just checked they are doing £28 return at those times on the train:)

I will probably stay more “local”. i get up at silly o’clock 5/6 days a week…at my age i nedd my beauty sleep :w00t:

Wouldn’t you be better to do this Saturday, so you have Sunday to recover?

I might be interested :smiley:

Yes indeed! Tis the train I will be taking. Can’t do Saturday as I’m working:o(I’ve not been to Brugge yet Busa55–Are there any good places to park?

Yes mate, right in the middle in the main square, but like I said, do not ride across the square after 10am. There are plenty of other places, Brugge is very biker friendly, if its a nice day there will be bikes everywhere:)