Sunday 20 July

OK a definite plan – a ride from Clapham Common to Eastbourne following the A22 suitable for L platers and anyone wanting a leisurely ride out.

Precise route is here

Having thought about it, I am now aiming to avoid the A23 (which tragically means no Brixton, Streatham or Croydon!) - The route above will go via Tooting, Mitcham and Wallington to Purley.

There is going to be a short stop when crossing Ashdown Forest.

More experienced riders very welcome. The more the merrier!

People who are comming can you please post here confirming and PM me for an exchange of mobile numbers for comms. Details of meets and peeps so far is as follows -

Clapham Tea Hut by Windmill Pub – leaving at 10am so try and arrive in good time with a full tank.

Yamrider (L)
The Rat
GSR SuperDude

Petrol Station just after Purley on the A22 at about 10.45

Hero Honda

Joining at Godstone at approximately 11am

mad scientist

If you are travelling from the Ace etc you could just follow the North Circular, South Circular until reaching Clapham Common.

Godstone can be reached from Box Hill by simply following the A25.

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Sunday’s weather is looking good.

After the success of last Sunday’s ride and the calls for a ride suitable for L Platers, I am happy to organise another short notice confidence ride suitable for learners and those wanting a gentle paced ride to the coast. Stating point and destination open to persuasion. Somewhere in SE London to Eastbourne has been suggested. Any preferences?

Oooh, I’d be up for this mate… I had to miss the last one due to work.

Can’t offer any ideas for a start though… only know West London & city really.

Put my name down…

Yamrider (L)

I am interested for this rideout.
If possible I would like to have this in the morning and to meet somewhere in London (ACE, BM, Clapham tea hut).


i d be up for this, make a change to do a sedate one,

i m in east dulwich.


OK, some suggestions. Let me know if this sounds good and please confirm you will be along -

Whilst the area outside the M25 is well known to me, SE London is a bit of a “there be dragons” zone so I would prefer to stick to roads I am familiar with. What I suggest is meeting up at the Clapham Common Tea Hut (does it open on Sundays?) on Clapham Common Southside as this is pretty much the heart of South London. From there we can set off towards Godstone where we could meet anyone from further east or west. (Parties from Box etc could meet us there just by following the A25).

The rest of the route south would be from there - destination depends on what people want.

If we left Clapham Common at 10am we could be at Godstone 11am and Eastbourne no later than 1pm.

Clapham Common Tea Hut is here


it is perfect for me!!
to be precise tea hut I think it is here


hi i want to come on the ride out i live in croydon so godstone is easier for me too meet than clapham cos i will be coming back on myself. can you let me know where abouts in godstone to meet ya please and wat time…

Might be up for a bimble on Sunday if you want a cornermarker… but would be meeting at Godstone as I live well outside the M25

Just a thought - lets link these threads just in case anyone is following one and is unaware of the other

Yeah I’m up for it… so what do we reckon? Meeting at the teahut for a 10ish kick-off?

I’m riding down from West London (Hangar Lane-ish) minus sat-nav so if anyone is passing by that way and fancies meeting up at ACE then let me know - it will save me getting lost!


so we re talking clapham common for 10 then?


I am now confused - are there more than one Clapham Common Tea Hut? I indicated the location of the only one I know which next to the Windmill Pub. If that is not the right one then please let me know!

Madscientist - yes please - more experienced riders very welcome.

As for the meeting point in Godstone - The car park opposite the pub as you head south from the one way system is usually a good place unless you now a better one.

Re Croydon - we will be joining the A22 at Purley so we could meet before Godstone if you want to indicate a petrol station or suchlike where we can pick you up on the A23/A22 somewhere.

People who are coming can you please post here confirming and PM me for an exchange of mobile numbers for comms.

I am in.

10 am at Clapham Tea Hut,
blue GSX R


We will need to leave shortly after 10 so try and get there before 10 and with a full tank.

i m in…

blue gixer750.


First post updated.

I’m in. I’ll be at Godstone for 11:00 - heading in on the A25 from the opposite direction to Boxhill. Anyone meeting there who hasn’t met me before, please keep an eye out for a short blondie on a black/silver bike :slight_smile:

Damn, i cant make this one, i still havn’t got my cbr back yet and i don’t really want to go on my scooter all the way to where you are meeting on my own. but if somebody wanted to come meet me by slough and then drop me off there i would happily tag along on my scooter. (It’s because i don’t know the area where we are meeting at all.

Oh, and i’m on L plates.

If you were able to come you could meet Yamrider in west London and than follow the South Circular which crosses Clapham Common.

I’m in as well,

See you at 10 at the Tea hut, which is only 5 mins away from me!

Alan, - Black Hornet

Initial post updated with precise route.