Sunday (20/9/2009)

OK, feeling a bit lost here, the weekend is fast aproaching and i need my LB fix, but no ride-outs for sunday.:angry: So any of you peeps up to anything and don’t mind a happy go lucky sort of chap hanging around please do let me know;)

Please note : Cant do saturday as all tied up:D

I back on shift that day! :angry:

Enjoy being tied up…ya kinky bugger. :smiley:

Hi Rob,

We may be out for a blast on Sunday Morning, but we are Bromley way - don’t know if that’s any good for you.


Keep me informed thats my side of town:D

He will travel anywhere to meet females. :slight_smile:

what about the bcr?

people are usually at the roundabout at 8am. i wont be there though :crying:

Will do it one day but thats the problem:w00t: I come from south of the river and would have to get up at silly o’clock:w00t:

it’ll be well worth it though. surely it wouldnt take that long on an early Sunday morning?

where is ‘the roundabout’?

Weather permiting, I might put one of my Rye Quay & Hythe rides together:)

You can follow me and Mitzy to the BMF in Peterborough :smiley:

So who’s this happy go lucky chap then? I think your refering to a full on roast lunch eating, Tiger riding nutter :smiley:

Legend has it that it’s somewhere near Romford.



what roundabout - im from romford

Now a rideout to Rye Quay - that’s what I am talking about!

We could pop to my mother in laws for a cuppa and to use the ‘facilities’ as she lives near there.

No scrub that, … she’s on the wrong side of crazy alot of the time…

collier row (where city limits is)

ahhhh i know - thats not too bad!

love the paintjob hewittrr

yeah was gonna say that too. wheres the bigger picture?