Sunday 1st December

Anyone fancy a ride tomorrow? Setting off from the Ace 10.00 am latest.

Fish :ermm:

We can always try for fish:)

What kind if fish do you fancy Art so we can phone ahead and book a shoal?

Any fish so long as its not fingers, cod or shipmans paste

We`ll order you a Louisiana Catfish.:smiley:

OK looks like a rideout to satisfy Arts craving for mudfish.

Depart the Ace 10.00am return before it`s fully digested. Around 16.00 hrs.

Anyone up for a seeing a grown man vomit, feel free to join us.:slight_smile:

hope you find some fish for Art, but hope it’s not CAT fish you find !!


Sorry just a greasy breakfast then back home… :Wow:

I’ll join you, partial to a bit of fish meself :wink:

Hi Chris thought I felt something through my lateral lines.:slight_smile:

Might need fishing lines to make Art’s dream come true :slight_smile:

If I get up in time I’ll see you at the Ace…:smiley:

fixed it for you Franc…:D:D

Let me know please where your lunching, I’ll come and meet you as can’t get out till late morning… mackerel and chips for me :slight_smile:

That was good little circuit :)… Thanks Jets for the lead and Franc for gunning… nice to see Ang, Mark and Ann at the H…

Xiphias gladius steaks o_O for lunch followed by pineapple fritters and ice cream… mmm

Well that was a great day out! :slight_smile:

Good roads (especially that one leaving Hungerford) even though I was tail gunning :w00t: Actually really enjoyed it today, my previous attempts had been questionable :Whistling:

Lovely to see you all, top ride… Now it’s Peroni time :wink:

Cheers Jamie, however I never drank yesterday, just slept! :wink:

Thanks for another great day, the memories will keep me going until the next time, hope everyone got home ok