SUNDAY 19th Rideout Dunstable

Right Im planning a little tour around beds, bucks, oxon, wilshire and any other county I find by accident :smiley: hopefully will end up around the Avebury area as Jetstreams ride looked good last week.

Now as I havn’t led a rideout before if its too slow or I get lost feel free to extract the urine or anything else for that matter :slight_smile:

Will be meeting at the usual place on Dunstable downs at 10 AM sunday, just remember its not ride4fun sorting this out its renta plank…ME :slight_smile:

Now this is all weather dependent ok :slight_smile:

ifs their an invite their ill defo come just need to know where you norm meet? Quick question are you saying itll be a slow ride or fast 1 :cool:

Well Steve, as it’s for village idiots then how could I resist!! I’ve even been shopping for my bike and will be upgrading it slightly for the occasion!! :stuck_out_tongue:

List so far


paulblack tailgunner


stevecbr600 (local)


Dawnie n Nige poss

ride4fun poss


K7assasin poss

tiggi ?

ricky ?

Martin ?

PF members poss ?

I’m up for this, weather dependant obviously ;):smiley:

If you don’t mind a slow coach coming along I may be interested, weather permitting of course.

lordy! me we gotta find somewhere that flogs latte’s :smiley:

Latte, or even an Al Paccino would be lovely. If I had to then a straight instant would have to do;)

PJ, just wear your fleece fella, oh, you already are!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

I could well be up for this Steve, haven’t been able to a Dunstable rideout for a while so providing I don’t have a heavy night beforehand I may show my ugly mug, weather permitting! :wink:

Tim, you’re always having a heavy night the night before… you’re worse than me! :smiley:

I might be in on this ride … but if you are planning to visit the Chiltern Gateway afterwards to have a coffee, then that is when I’ll be leaving you and returning home :cool: Weather looking good so far for the w/e :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m up for this…As long as the weathers good and the throttle on my bike has stopped sticking, which seems to keep making the front wheel lift… i’ll be there.

“Will be meeting at the usual place on Dunstable downs”

In case we want to come, where exactly is the usual place? :slight_smile:

Weather permitting I will be there, guessing I will need something to cheer me up after Saturday :slight_smile:

The usual place is the first carpark from Dunstable - the one in front of the National Trust center.

Which road? How about putting up a postcode or a google map?:slight_smile:

If you look at last dunstable rideout post a map is there will paste it on here when home ok, oh anyone know of good eateries around avebury ?

hi ill defo be their cheers, Adam

Yeah well, I see it as my duty to show you youngsters how it’s done! :wink:

Link for those who havent been before:,-0.536825&daddr=&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=19&sll=51.867452,-0.536951&sspn=0.001183,0.00235&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=51.867452,-0.536951&spn=0.004796,0.009656&z=17

Kevsta, can meet at the Dome roundabout Shell station in Watford at 9:30 if you want to follow me there.

I’d also be prepared to go meet people at the Ace first if anyone wants to come but doesn’t know the way. It would be M1 upto Junction 5 so can’t take L platers.