Sunday 19th July Long time Due Rideout aka old farts perambulations

Ok next sunday its been a while since I’ve led a rideout so
Not 125/l plate friendly sorry
Meeting point is Beaconsfield Services located at junction 2 of the M40 ( will be parked on the left hand side of the car park if looking at the main building)and i will be the wetherspoons having brekkie
Depart Time 10am
Approx milage 160 miles
Normal caveats apply …
Weather dependant also

Sorry to miss this, Tim is a rideout supremo.
If Jay does not rock up on this ride we should boycott the forum for a few months.
Always remember the “Get arff my laaand rideout” never seen so many shotguns in a stately homes grounds before or since.
We`ll be in the Lake District eating small children and ,mowing lawns - hence a genuine reason for not being able to attend, hope you have a good day out Tim, and that we can join one again soon.

Had we not been away we would not miss this for the Earth.

(PS: Sorry Tim, we will have one of LB’s most venerable Old Farts with us so he won’t be able to attend either).

Are you sure you’re still up to it Tim? You’ll be in your forties by then, after all :-))

Steady on Jets brains ain’t so old.

Many happy returns when it gets there Tim and welcome to the lighter side of life.

Shit! I’ve got a car trailer on the van for this, can I still come?

Ty Nt
And got to keep your seat warm Jets whilst your away.
Hmm Dangerous would be a sight to see .
And if anyones wondering why Beaconsfield … start … i basically can’t be arsed to have to ride in to the ace to ride the same way back to start on good roads .

Can two old bikers join your so looking forward to your ride Tim.

More than welcome to Andy .

hope to see you at the services.


Blimey its all changed on here, had to log in and everything

what’s the rough route?

You actually think i have a set route !.. if you plan it it goes wrong is my way of thinking … … basically oxfordshire …
Yeahhhhh Trisckie x

Hi . Will check the site in the morn. Just incase you call it off. Otherwise I hope to see you at the Wetherspoons. I am relatively new to the forum and have an Aprilia SL1000 (red/black) and have been out on a few runs and have not felt out of my comfort zone so far.

morning. you still doing this ? I need to leave soon :slight_smile:

Its starting to dry off so yep …

Ah Tim… I’m playing in a old farts football tournament today o_O otherwise I would be with you… can’t pull out as I’m the star player :-)))) …

Happy belated Birthday then Tim don’t worry about the big number as it’s a scientific fact the bigger it is longer you’ved lived :-))… and there is a lot of big numbers on LB… the biggest are in the Lake District this weekend :slight_smile:

Have great ride guys

Btw if people coming not met me look for the bluest ugliest kawasaki with a top box and poppy on thats my bike and i will have a white flip helmet on …accompanied by my carer on 675 triumph in red with pink adorned leathers

Damn, I’m up too late!

well we haven’t gone half a mile and we are stuck on a corner so the corner man system is screwed. We are on the a40 roundabout just north of the services