Sunday 19th August

The Unity ride is this Sunday, I’ll be leaving from the Ace at 10.30 I believe (9.30am if Afro is reading this, lol)

Any other LB’ers joinng the ride?

Sorry Sheerie cant make this cause I’ll be crossing the pyrenees

I won’t be going on the ride but I will be at the Ace first thing, so will see you there

i will be going from the Blackheath Tea Hut at around 12;00 noon, heard of a few others coming the same way, should be another good day ou.t

cant make it…dropping liam off at his gran-parents in cumbria

sorry will be at donington

Im doing it - Im gonna start from the Oakdene

i will be your marshall from Ace Cafe for this ride

feel safe?


erm - yeah? lol I’ll be helping out with the marshalling as well, now who feels safe

which means you will piss off and leave us all behind, lol

what are you implying mr goose

Err, that you cant be caught !!

I’m damn sure you’d manage missy

i may pop up to the ace on sunday morning but im not out for the ride.

hahaha we have to restrict her bike to 33bhp

or wait for her to drop it and then catch up… It happen more often than not so we should have to long to wait…

I’ll be leaving from the ace as well, so will try and find you to say hello

I’m leaving from The Ace also…

See ya there