Sunday 18th wayward wanderings 125/L Plate friendly & new to big bike riders welcome

Those Wellies prob work as well as the bikes… Not very :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe: :w00t:

im quite looking forwald to this i hope it holds out to snow sunday night atleast haha

No its not… and your YBR would be great fun in the snow anyways when was snowing 2 years ago i was on a CG was great fun :slight_smile:

was also interesting on the Blackbird :w00t:

tell me about it… was on that last year

hmmm and ???

Does Snow stop us …

New Years day 2010…

We ventured out … ThinK Rioting Rob had a great day :stuck_out_tongue:

All welcome well unless your a Knobber etc …

Still Undecided …

Tailgunner position is mildly reserved But if all fails Captain S its yours …

Fuel stop will be allowed so those with short ranges catered for …

Return time will hopefully be before 5

Duvet attachment available M’Lady … :stuck_out_tongue: maybe not on the bike but hey its worth a Gamble :smiley: :O…

count me in please :slight_smile:

130 mile tank range …you have twice the range I have .

Hi Tim…I am going to put the thermals on, layer up etc,and come along too.As the tailgunning seems sorted I will probably come on that old CBR you saw me on last time we met,but if my sensible side kicks in , the PC800 does have heated grips and a nice big screen…see you tomorrow ( on one of them).
Regards Richard

what bike do you have ?

I have a KTM superduke and some others … But the KTM is the worst .

bloody hell dident think dukes range was so bad but is that WOT evrywer haha

I’m dropping out guys, something’s come up and it’s tooooo cold :frowning:

But def. in the new year, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the infamous TimR rideouts!

Haz fun.

Point of order!! When we set off it wasn’t snowing, it had only happened just before we got to Thaxted! (nice to see the pictures again Tim).

Sorry we can’t join you all tomorrow - have fun - we’re going walking instead:blush:

my first ever jetstream ride …:Whistling:

Hey guys and gals not going to be able to make it gota meet new landlord midday have a good ride tho


hopefully gonna be there, but may have to leave early.

and who/what should i look for to find you at the Ace?