Sunday 18th March, 3rd annual LB Pooh Sticks championship.

OK, we know its Mothers day and The Ride of Respect so dont bother posting to say you can`t come.:wink:

This iconic event now in it`s third year will see a defence of her title by All-E, last years winner.

Now heritage status has been achieved we expect and demand a good turn out.

For those not familiar with A A Milne or the pleasure of a good Pooh, you will live to regret your non attendance.

The sticks are provided and colour coded, the lunch stop is familiar with our esoteric requirements and All-E is prepared to take on all comers. Our traditional lunch stop would love to have us back but are fully booked for Mother’s Day, so we have a cunning alternative, so don’t anyone rock up to the pub we used before.

So, the details, Leaving the Ace 9.30am, full tank and empty bladder, leaving Box Hill car park 10.45am.

This event entails a short post prandial walk to the event venue “Pooh Sticks Bridge”, rules will be read out and adhered to.:slight_smile: NB - this walk through the forest is unsuitable for the elderly or infirm.

A good time will be had by all and may the best bear win.:smiley:

Here is a link to last year’s competition:

As with all rideouts you participate at your own risk and neither we nor LB can be responsible for you if you experience any mishaps.

The cornerman system will be used, if you don’t know it see here:

UPDATE: Remember to bring cash anyway for lunch & drinks etc AND we will be having a collection for LB’s main charity, the London Air Ambulance. This is a suggested £2 donation per person minimum. Don’t be a cheapskate.

The LAA is funded by voluntary donations & whilst we all hope not to need their services, they have been in attendance to more LB members than anyone would wish.

I’d like to come along sounds fun :slight_smile: can I bring my own stick in a van with wood warmers and special wax ?

I’m in I think, if i can get enough pain killers down me neck this week :hehe: Dont need much of an excuse to get out of going to mother in laws, but this will do nicely. Mrs R has been told, and shes not amused, never mind, see you at the ace.:smiley:

Yup I’ll be there… :smiley:

Anyone is welcome to bring their own sticks but to keep to the standard rules they must be 8" long and about as thick as a pencil.

Obviously any indpendently entered sticks will be scrutineered beforehand to exclude any tampering and special mods which may have been made at home;)

I’ll come along seeing as I missed the first 2:w00t: meet you guys at Box:D

You can come as long as you promise to play fair.

We`d love to see you. xx

( Don`t think yer going to win mind, just because you ride a Tigger;) )

Whoops forgot to say… I’ll be at Box as well :slight_smile:

Not that it really mattered but after a few cans of beer I start going keyboard happy! :smiley:

I will be 2up :slight_smile:

Haha, I promise to play fair;) how may sticks will I need and will 8" of oak dowell be fair:D

We have several dozen sticks hand picked, trimmed and accredited. Be good to see you Rob as we`re doing a ford on the way.:wink:

Great fun:w00t::smiley:

Hi Rob, be lovely to see some newbies popping their plums on this rideout.

Round up some new LB lovelies and we`ll buy you a pie.:smiley:

You got it Chris, I’ll round up as many newbies of the bigger bike variety, can’t promise lovelies though:D so all you newbies reading this, watch out for a newbie gathering post in the ride out section;)

Sorry, can`t promise a pie either.:w00t:

I suspect after today’s ride that I will be there too. However will have to find out if i’m going to see mummy :slight_smile:

Here is your get-out-of-jail-free card!:

Alternatively bring her pillion for a game of Poohsticks & let her win your round;):smiley:

i’m in. meet you at box so little Maxy gets a good walk first :slight_smile:

Interflora maybe an option. If i bring her on the ride, I will need to start early, as i can only ever do 10mph with her on the back.

To the rest. No fat mum jokes. It glandular :stuck_out_tongue:

Great so, now you’re going to make me look like I’m going backwards?