Sunday 18th April - The Italian Job

Visit the site of some Italians first sight of Blighty.Memorial ride for the “Corpo Aereo Italiano” for a cappuchino in the flight path of the intrepid pilots of the Fiat BR.20M.

Aces high at 9.30am. Salad Tricolore for lunch (rules out Rob on this one). Zabaglione and cafe corretto to replace our usual cream tea.

No knobers, Harleys or 125s. Italian exotica welcome in all it`s guises for this week only.

Not far if you have two engines and a fancy paint job.

Ride at your own risk, Florence has some dangerous intersections.:DWe may even manage a Neapolitan ice cream if Schubert joins us:

Jestream on a visit we made “relatively” earlier:hehe::hehe: Mussolini - considering the error of his ways;)

Put my name down for this one. I should be free.

Look forward to seeing you:)

I note that the Italians that came over were all Fiats, but their support aircraft had Piaggio engines. Happy to tailgun if required. I can see we are likely to be going north of the river and east of the meridian, there be dragons and the like for us South London boys!

Don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand:D

Yes please!:smiley:

See you Sunday :slight_smile:

After last weeks Jaunt my bike is in for her 1st service. I’ll have a scooter for the weekend but only a 125 so I’ll have to abstain. I might see you at the Ace though. Next time I’m out on my bike it’ll be run in. Yey.

Sorry to be dozy, but where is this going? & if it’s south, is there a south london pick up?

Hope to be joining you.


The photo and the other clues suggest Harwich/Felixstowe to me.

Sorry to all South Londoners, but there is no South meeting point this week:ermm:

Thanks - I suppose it’s an unaccustomed get out of bed for 9.30 at the Ace then :rolleyes::doze:

Looking forward to it all the same.

See you there.

have fun & ride safe.

Thanks :slight_smile:

When are you out with the Yellow Devil?:smiley:

Weather forecast for Sunday improving:

Sun 18 Apr1:003:594 °c2 °c00.0 mm0 %7 mph9 mph4:006:594 °c3 °c00.0 mm6 %7 mph9 mph7:009:5911 °c9 °c30.0 mm18 %8 mph10 mph10:0012:5913 °c12 °c50.0 mm9 %8 mph9 mph13:0015:5913 °c8 °c40.0 mm79 %11 mph13 mph16:0018:5913 °c5 °c20.0 mm89 %13 mph15 mph19:0021:598 °c3 °c00.0 mm59 %13 mph16 mph22:000:596 °c2 °c00.0 mm57 %12 mph15 mph


Bike is currently on blocks being checked over for flack damage after recent sortie. (major service)

Am now sitting nervously awaiting news (of cost :unsure: ). If I can pick her up tomorrow then I may well be along on this. Will report back when further information comes to light.

Over and out.

Know the feeling. We’ll wait nervously too:w00t:

Damage report:
Swingarm bearing knackered.
exup system in need of restoration.

Unavailable for action.

Considerably lighter. :pinch:

Have fun, see you for the next one!

Ouch :pinch: Sorry to hear this Andy.

Hopefully by the time we do another one (about 3 weeks due to other commitments) you may have r£cov£r£d a bit.:slight_smile: