Sunday 18 January.

I hear the rustle of tumbleweed…:slight_smile:

But will there be cake ?

We promise there will be cake somewhere:D

(If necessary we will bring a bit of Mrs J’s Mum’s Christmas cake - there is a small amount left)

Of course there will be cake. There will be at least 2 cake stops and a lunch break.
I’m not coming out with you guys until I fit back into my trousers!

Sorry I didnt check who was logged on…It’s me that cant fit into my trousers. Matts are one size too big already so he’s okay (for now) :stuck_out_tongue:

Boilwash the balls and get bigger trousers:D

My leathers fit just fine :P… was out today - were you lot??Q

Yea, just a little buzz down to Southend for lunch then back via the Ace. Where did you get to?:slight_smile:

I got out today for the afternoon, Runnymede Tea Room, plenty of cake though I was a good girl and had none, then the scenic route to Walton Bridge and then the Long Way Home via Runnymede again :smiley:

I went to Brighton with my friend James. I didn’t get there till 4 and rode back in the dark on A and B roads and it was very dark so I went very slowly.

When we got back to London and street lighting we picked up the pace a bit though.

Did a circuit around the St Albans area on the B roads then back to the Ace on the A1, perved all the old Brit bikes and the rockers band and pootled off home :smiley: was excellent Q