Sunday 17th Seaward Slopes 125/L Plate/ New Big Bikes

Ok folks

As title Paced for those Listed

No Knobheads

No Pissheads

No Solid White Overtakers

No Late Brakers

If you want to be wide open throttle on a non 125 bike …Not the Ride for you

Leave Wimbledon Windmill Tea Rooms 9.30am SW19 5NR. map

Full Tanks Please

Destination … Its a Suprise … Milage … will announce once i set the route …

Calling in at Boxhill Approx 10.15-10.30 Rykas location

Cornerman system in place

Understanding the system is important, as everyone needs to do their part to avoid anyone getting lost.

  1. One rider, the leader will stay at the front and is responsible for navigating the route. Another rider, ‘tail end Charlie’, will stay at the back in last position. These are the only two riders who remain in their position in the group.

  2. If a junction needs marking, the lead rider will indicate so by pointing to the position.They will try and select the safest position that gives best visibility. The leader may request a marker prior to a junction especially if the road splits or slip roads or exits are hidden ( this may involve using central islands or similar ) The marker will stop and wait until they see the tailgunner . It is therefore very important that whilst in 2nd position you concentrate when approaching junctions and anticipate the lead rider showing you where to mark. If the 3rd place rider is on the inside they should be aware that the marker will need to come across their path and should therefore give room for this to happen safely.

  3. The marker then re-joins the group in front of ‘tail end Charlie’. This approach involves the entire group, and the marker gets rotated from front to back and gradually moves up to the front again. The method works provided everyone does their bit and doesn’t forget they are in the No.2 position, when it is their turn to mark. If for any reason you cannot pull out in front of tail gunner … Don’t worry Pull out when safe and tail gunner will allow you to overtake when you catch up

  4. Nobody other than ‘tail end Charlie’ should be riding last for any reason. If you want to leave the group you should pull in to the left in a safe, visible position and wave other riders past. When ‘tail end Charlie’ arrives he/she will stop and you can then inform him/her that you are leaving the group.

5. A roundabout should be marked by parking in a safe visible position on the exit.

  1. When going straight through at a junction/roundabout where you don’t have right of way, the lead rider may decide to mark it, if he/she wishes. The default action in such a case is to continue straight through, therefore, if there is no marker when you arrive at the junction you should proceed straight on. If you are to mark such a junction you should do so by stopping in a safe visible position on the far side of the crossroads.

7. When you are marking a junction, make sure you park in a position not to obstruct other road users. If necessary point in the direction that riders arriving at the junction should proceed.

8.There is no need to play catch up. With the drop off system there will be a marker waiting for you at the next junction.

9. When you are the marker, wait for ‘tail end Charlie’ to arrive, even if this takes a long time as there may be traffic problems further back. The tail end rider will slow down to allow you back into the group.

  1. If lead rider doesn’t request you as the 2nd rider and you believe it may be beneficial to mark a junction, do it anyway. It is better to mark a junction that doesn’t need marking than not to mark one that does. The lead Rider may be over familiar with that road or be concentrating on a hazard before them to request a marker .

11. If Lead Rider has marked a junction Due to no close 2nd rider … If you are 2nd rider and as you approach lead rider rides off Take their place as Marker until you see the tail gunner

So you’re not joining our little Box Hill lane bimble then Timotheus:D

Stop and have a cuppa tea anyways with us, as will be at Rykas at the same time:)

ok update

milage 160miles

Pub Lunch with a spectacular view

Ride terminates at Krispy Kreme New Malden

Hels your welcome to tag on :slight_smile:

Btw Rykas Will be Home To SERV,Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists and Surrey Police on Sunday

Bring your Cameras as place not to be missed .

Sound really nice!

Now I don’t know where I should go:ermm:

Diaz why not decide when you get to Box Hill?:slight_smile:

I may join Tim’s ride, along with Martin (Emsee) if he fancies it also, or I may go on a smaller ride with Martin as I haven’t caught up with him for some while and it might be a good chance also to practice twisties.

Anyway, the best thing is if we all meet at around 10.30 ish at Box (Tim’s ride and all the other rides) and just decide as we feel at the time which ride everyone wants to be on, or whether to amalgamate the rides:)

See you at Box:)

I have the “pleasure” of working that day. :crying:

I’m more than intimate with the Windmill though, as I’ve spent far too many days surveying there recently.

Have a good ride and post up those pics.

Hi Tim, looking forward to this ride.happy to tail gun if no one want’s to do this.


Seaward, yeah why not :slight_smile:

+1 to the list. Del on a 125cc


Hi Tim I should be on this one,lets hope your bike makes it to the end this time :Whistling:

xj Andy Thanks …

Trisckie … be a shame not to come :wink:

xjPaul its been behaving itself

Janey … tell me which area and i will accidentaly take one of these around …soon solve the pesky pest issue

Will be a bit of a history lesson if time allows so all you old fort buffs may be worth a bimble

I’m not going to be able to make this I’m afraid - got a family lunch to go to. Have fun though!

Yay I can make this one, see you Sunday. Woohoo my first LB rideout :smiley:

Ok folks

Please bring your waterproofs

When parking in Windmill Car Parks if your early enough park next to the cycle racks but dont block access or the Disabled space …

Box Hill Stop will be a quick stop so if your planning to meet us there please let me know …

As mentioned if attending … don’t expect to be exceeding the nsl

This is a Group Ride and even though the emphasis is on Riding for your own safety and preservation PLEASE also be aware of those around you and give each other plenty of room (not riding too close to the rear of another rider etc ) as i have received mention of this happening …

And for information …

This will be the Last for about a month or so Of TimR organised Rides at this stage

Im still deciding if I am willing to get wet,more than likely to be there tim but will have a look in the morning.

I’ll be there, see you at the tea room :smiley:

no water proof, next time

DEfinetly must have ben a very wet one, hope you all ok!

What a lovely spot for lunch, the Churchillian at Portsdown Hill. Thanks Tim and it was nice to meet a few new faces too. I hope you didn’t get too wet on the way home… it stayed dry for me back to Southampton.

Nice to see you all at Box Hill in the morning, before we all went our seperate ways. Hope your ride didn’t get too soaked!! Martin and I got caught in a torrential downpour on the lanes, but luckily found a lovely pub with a fire for lunch, where we dried off and carried on for some more rain soaked fun before hitting Box Hill and home by 4.15pm.

Lovely to see you Tim again after a long while.

Hope you all had a great day!