Got txt from wife , what we doin 16th november?

dunno i replyd

she come home and has told me she has booked me up for sunday 16th nov !!!:D:D:D;)

any one else going

omg wanna swap wife’s :smiley:

is there many spaces left? what group you going

IT wasn,t full last time i looked ,…16/11/2008Brands Hatch IndySunday13£99Event Info | Book Online Im going in inters, its with focusedevents ,

Is any one else doing this day? its on a sunday so no doubt it will be wet and cold:D

i will be there my mate is riding :slight_smile:

im gonna pop down and have a look. im really not sure about taking bike on the track i would hate to drop it but im gonna pop down and have a butchers.

Wouldnt mind going over for a looksee either…havent been for a while :slight_smile: Lets see what weathers gonna be like, decide if car or bike !! prob bike tho ha ha :smiley:

hope your bikes very fast , fast enuff to go back to the future , 16th was yesterday!!:smiley:

So how did you enjoy your day ? i wiggled me fingers to say hello :smiley: I found the weather in the afternoon toilet to say the least so off to the pub it was.

dont know if that was ment for me , but sorry i didnt see any finger wigling lol they put me in the fast group which i didnt ask for and said i should give it ago but found it a bit to fast for me i was trying out my 1/5th throttle and smaller front sprocket made a huge improvement but i wasn,t in the right mood for the trackday couldnt really concentrate enough , the throttle and sprocket caught me out twice once going out of pit lane (accidental wheelie) and once comming outa druids almost highsided:w00t: had i of been in the right frame of mind and able to concentrate i think i would of enjoyed it more i had fun in the morning but gave up at lunch time just didnt feel right so thought it best to pack up , next one i do ill make sure my heads not full of crap from things going on in the family life. Doubt if ill do any more this year im currentley converting my k6 gix 600 into a track day bike wana try it on that as it handles so much better than the srad below , feels like half the weight and size riding it , sorry i didnt notice you if im there next time your there throw somethig at me lol

I thought you was doing fine, i did try to find you to say hello but you may of already gone,I was on the black R1 black and white leathers.

Well thanks , just felt a bit lot out of my depth , i left just after the last session before lunch , when it started to rain quiet a bit like i say i just didnt feel right so called it a day, i had wets with me but thought best to end early and in 1 piece , really couldnt concentrate and didnt want to risk taking my self and others off , May be ill get to meet you at another trackday

stay safe


I feel the same sometimes Si i look forward to the day get there then i just dont feel like it for some reason.Hope to see you in the new year but if you change your mind MSV Track day next Thursday 27th cheap as chips :slight_smile:

Looks like the weather might be abit nippy… Good luck guys be safe, not sorry:)

Cheers I know what you mean Alan i was going to book Snetterton for this Saturday but see snow is on the way for that area,are you done for the year ?

Hi Bergy,
I hope to do one more this year. But I don’t like the sound of this predicted cold snap. If you’ve got any bright ideas then say so. The only day I was looking seriously at was Brands Indy on the 6th Dec. I like Mallory & Donington, but always try & share costs as its fcuking expensive on your own. The Suzuki is 101db even with a db killer in, so the 98db days are no good.

Hi Alan

I have a couple left to do this year then thats me done i hope to spread my wings a bit next year. Keep in touch Alan i have a van and am happy to share costs same goes for you Si if you fancy an adventure in the New year.

Thanks Bergy Allways looking for a bit of adventure , where you thinking for next year , i love brands but , do think i should have ago at other tracks.