Sunday 16th early risers run…..

So i have decided not to head down south. Instead the Sunday commune and the “get one knee down in pray” service will be in full swing as usual.

The pace is not suitable for 125’s or newbies I’m afraid, although it will not be as brisk as the previous week.

As usual there will be a splendid breakfast and we will be back mid afternoon in time for a pint and Eastenders omnibus.

We will be meeting at 7.30 am with a view to leaving by 8am at the Dome Roundabout in Watford. Junction 5 of the M1 very easy to find just SHELL GARAGE - click that link.

All big bikes welcome with courteous riders, PLEASE ride at your own pace and remember 30 means 30. No close followers, undertakers, double white line over takers and blind bend riskers!

The idea is to have some fun but get home safe and in one peace. Anyone who trims any grass buys everyone else breakfast (I’m serious), these are the rules so please be willing to adhere to them or have your full english served to you outside on the pavement.

No harleys, scooters, chavs, (apart from myself) No Ducati Haters, Def no 3 wheelers unless you like fires, No BMW"s unless they have full luggage and matching BMW bike suits. No i won’t tell you the route, no camera’s fitted to bikes.

As usual VIP status will be given to all Ducati owners.

Any questions then this is the wrong ride for you. Cornerman system used if there is more than a handful of us. If not the “keep the funk up system” will be in place.

Hmm… No newbies? :frowning: where’s the fun if you don’t have newbies

I’m not fit enough for the early rise, I’ll probably see you up there for breakfast.

Dog duties :crazy:

7:30am. What do you mean “am”? Oh heck, there are two 7:30s! Oh yeah, I remember now, there’s the normal one, and I just reminded myself, through in-depth research, that there’s the other one, but it’s in the early morning, and that’s why I’d forgotten about it. I’ll try hard to make this, but it will be a struggle for me, the great psychological battle of mind over mattress. If I win, this will be my first LB rideout.

I don’t really do mornings, can you tell?

Sorry not no newbies as in newbies to LB, but Newbies to bikes/rideouts. This ride is for the more experienced rider.

Yeah i don’t like mornings either………………… but i do like empty quiet roads, and this is the time of the day they exist.:slight_smile:

Are you serious about the no BMW’s?

no not at all.


Hmmmm… Don’t believe that for a moment :w00t:

Am out unfortunately… Enjoy.

It’s true, I’ve deliberately restricted my bike’s top speed by putting a smaller sprocket on the front :wink:


In! Horrible hour in the morning, but needs must.

Out! Just seen the Jetstream’s rideout thread, sleeping in :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Rixxy,

Thank you very much for leading this morning’s run. That was a terrific route. Any chance you could PM the route please? That was the best run I’ve done since getting my new toy, it’s just a shame that I was not on it, but on the loaner. It was good to meet Scorcher and Paul too.

What I’ve learnt today: 1. The other 7 o’clock isn’t so bad. 2. Yes, my mind can and did beat my mattress.

twas a lot of fun.


Didn’t get to bed till 2.A.M… Forgot to put the alarm on! Managed to make Mr & Mrs Jets though…

Try catch you next time on the early run… Like the idea of having the afternoon off chilling with a few beers…