Sunday 16 Nov - Stratford for the Shakespeareans amongst us

Haste ye to the Olde Ace Café for a departure at 9 of the clock!

Let your steeds be full of fuel and your bladders be emptye of anythinge

Ride the roads of the Queen’s Highways and Byways until ye reach Stratford upon Avon for victuals at lunchtime.

Who shall accompanie said jovial journey?

We shall progress upon the highways at a veritable speed and 125 horses are sadly to be left in Londinum stables.

No fools or jesters upon the white lines of the highway required to attend.

Codpieces optional.

PS: Our broadband is a bit Shakespearean at the moment so we may not be able to reply as much as we would like.

I’ll come for the morning leg then split :slight_smile:

If ones horse isn’t doing a refusal at the start one will be at the ace for the off.

Bravo that woman!

Will ye olde husbande accompanie ye to said feast? If not steal ye one of his horses :slight_smile:

Richard III will be coming!

Hi - are there any stops on the way we can meet you? Or in Stratford? No pressure, we’re 50-50 at the mo :slight_smile:

You have our PM, not sure of lunch timing yet though:)

I’m banned from Stratford on Avon at the moment, until the asbo is lifted . :ermm:

I wish we could join in but we are out for a few weeks.

Have loads of fun

Sadly my old nag has been transferred to the knackers yard.

On the upside a midweek trip to the bottom edge of page 21 could see a foreign bred muscular looking 12 year old romping around my back yard.

Ride safe out there and enjoy your day

Thanks everyone for a great day, even the cold wet foggy weather didn’t hamper us.

We found some 12 year olds (errr young anyway) romping around in their oneseies. If our computer deigns to work again we’ll show you.

Good to see all today, thanks Ang, Franc, Ricky, Dave & David

Thanks all for a great day out :slight_smile: