Sunday 14 March- Rideout

Sunday 14 March- Rideout

Mystery destination

Wanted: Experienced motorcyclists with full licences to ride to a mystery destination.

Would perhaps suit those who did not register in time for Wootton Bassett

Participants should be free from Mother’s Day duties or have completed these beforehand.

Applicants should be capable of meeting at the esteemed Ace Cafe at 9.00 ish with a full tank for a 9.30 departure and should expect a full day’s excursion.

Knowledge of the Cornerman System is essential (read Flatout’s post in the Rideouts section – training can be given on the day if you are still not sure after reading it)

Apply below: :slight_smile:

Will we be passing a Clintons or similar card shop?

Also, are there any slight bends in the road, cause if so I might have to think twice about committing to this one!

We have three bends planned each without aquatic run off.:slight_smile:

oooo I’d love to go, the roads will be free of bikes :DAnd I havent done any ‘oh poo I’m gonna run wide at this bend and end up in the duck pond’ for a couple of years :smiley:

But if I go, I’ll be running the risk of being thrown out of an upstairs window with a rope round my neck. Mother’s day - why cant it be on a Monday/Tuesday/ Wednesday or Thursday? :wink:

I would love to come along but will be shepherding cats!

I am up for it, will see if I can get a pass from tut wife.

What time are we expected to be home?

Hopefully by dark:)

noooooo im gunna miss this, im doing the wotton bassett ride, got mates meeting me from norfolk so got to go.

Might see you for breakfast at the ace. Have fun, look after alex you might need to remind him on basic steering;);):wink:

Ooooh poor Alex, you won’t let him forget that pond will you? Of course we will look after him:) See you Sunday;)

Well, its going to be North, South or East, cant make my mind up. Anyone got a preference?:slight_smile:

I’ll be collecting my bike next week but then I’m away for a few weeks. I’ll be out soon though. God Speed, Jetset.

If dropping my bike 4 times, smashing into the pavement and completing 6000 miles in the last 6 months, makes me anything near to an experienced rider, then toss me a Honda Red spray can and count me in :slight_smile:

Oh! thanks for reminding me of mothersday :wink:

OK Schubert, see you in the morning and don`t be late:D

if your going north give us a shout !!

lol! yeh, still trying to shake out “sunday is the stay in bed till noon” habit :hehe:

What are our options?? or Which direction has a Mystery fort/castle in it?

All directions include iconic lunch stops, forts, castles and hidden references to Buffy the vampire slayer.:smiley:

Looking likely, where are you?

stow on the wold area.

I’ll be joining in

See you at the Ace for a 9.30 departure. Were two up on the Black Daytona.:slight_smile: