Sunday 13 May, The Prickwillow experience.

A rideout for those who are not going south with Rioting Rob.

Leaving the Ace at 9.30 and heading north-ish.

Full tanks and empty bladders.

Having read a leaked copy of Andrew & 7`s, Guide to group riding, we feel duty bound to divulge the route.

However, this would take too long.

Highlights will include, the A1, a flying visit to Finchingfield (variously described as Englands prettiest village or the home of the BCR),Coffee at Newmarket`s dirtiest caff, the infamous Prickwillow Road, lunch at a riverside pub in Ely, the forty foot drain average speed camera run, the B660 to Bedford and the best bits of the A4146.

Should more than 3 deign to attend, we will employ the cornerman system with due rigour. If you don’t know it read here and ask questions before setting off if you are unsure.

Limited to 13 riders due to the date.

Not suitable for pedants, Harleys (except Choprocker), 125`s, knobbers etc.

As usual, participate at your own risk, this is not an official LB rideout and is not sponsored by the Princes Trust.

A special invitation is extended to Andrew & 7 to assist in writing his article.:smiley:

I was going to tell you how busy those roads would be on Sunday …

Just ignore me, that was last month according to my inbox.

Thanks for the invalid comment Art.

You coming along?:slight_smile:

Bring Mrs Art we could have an installation.:smiley:

I suppose that if I pointed out it is the Prince’s Trust I would fall foul of the pedant prohibition!

Suppose you would.:smiley:

Would have joined you, but have a date with destiny at The Etihad

Shame, we`d have liked to see a big Bandit wallow and shudder along the Prickwillow road.:stuck_out_tongue:

Forgot to mention, this ride will feature a non appearance from Joby and his imaginary friend.:smiley:

Oh I didnt realise you can actually see behind you through the cloud the oil burner spits out :Whistling:

I am so there. I’ve even got a gear position indicator now so I’ll know what gear I’m in. See you at the Ace.

Mrs Art on a ride out …

No chance, I’ve been trying to get her on the pillion since 1971. I asked her all the same, her reply was “Oh you going out on the bike? Empty the top box and I’ll do you a little shopping list” :w00t:

Im in and it will be my first LB ride out or meet up. what bikes should i look out for?

Am heading North from the Downs at 10am so may see you on the B660 will be thrapping out towards Rutland/Melton ish depends how lost I get :slight_smile:

A black Daytona 955i.:slight_smile:

and a very good read it is too!:slight_smile:

we are out with Rob:cool: have a good one:)

with zimmers attached>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I’ll get my coat :smiley:

My wife has signed us up for swimming lessons for the kids on Sunday mornings. I’ve recently found out that she expects me to attend these every Sunday with her and the kids.

Suspiciously, these lessons started not long after I started regularly disappearing for ride-outs on Sunday mornings. I suspect foul play, but I can’t prove it - “apparently” this was the only time available for the lessons. On the plus side, I love spending time with the family, so it’s not all bad :slight_smile:

In any case, my next available Sunday for a morning ride-out will likely be after the 14th of July (when the kids get sent off to Granny in Poland for the summer!). Although hrm perhaps the lessons stop during half-term or something, I’ll have to investigate…

Enjoy it!


^^ :laugh: :laugh:
i suspect fool play too…you can always leave the kids in the pool for ‘extra lessons’ and come back to pick them up some times later…they’ll be marinated by then :laugh:

after the indulgences of last night i just only woken up so i’m afraid i’m going to have to give it a miss.
finchingfield will be absolutely packed today. :slight_smile:

I think my legs are still aching from that road last year, have fun everyone and ride it like a jockey!

It was nice meeting you all and thanks got a great day out. Clocked 228 miles door to door. Massive thanks to Jetstream for leading the ride and Art for stopping me getting left behind! I do hope my little 250 didn’t hold you up TOO much and is welcome on future ride outs.

Well, the route was pretty much as planned except for the slight deviation which will be plain for all to see when Joby posts one of his famous masterpieces.:smiley:

Big thanks to John (Art) for tailgunning and avoiding the temptation to deviate and purchase balm impregnated man sized tissues.:w00t:

Gary (Dukie) good to have you along and no you didn`t slow the group down, yer more than welcome to come along again.:slight_smile:

Nice to see Jaime and Robina on the outward leg to Finchingfield. Hope you made it to Braintree for fuel.:smiley:

The facilities at the Clocktower Cafe in Newmarket were a revelation to some.

The Prickwillow road was as always a dream, those in the group who failed to embrace the 90mph rule were suitably buffeted.:w00t:

The Cutter provided lunch promptly and in large portions.

The B660 was sublime as always.

Art fot Art`s sake…

Contender for confusing signage of the year.

Too late for that!:stuck_out_tongue: