Sunday 13 July

I have had some PMs so this is definitely on.

The plan is to meet up at Rykas Cafe, Box Hill for bacon butties at 10am, and leave no later than 10.45 for the coast. Probably A24/A281 but open to offers.

Pace will be suitable for learners if any join us and there will be no motorways.

PM for more details and to exchange phone numbers etc for more details.

Normal disclaimers apply, LB, Murphy and Me are not responsible for anything you do.

I have been asked for more details about where we are meeting - Google Maps

[How did Google Maps get a photo of Rykas with no bikes?]

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Regrettably I can’t make Elad’s Birthday Ride on Saturday but looking at the forecast for Sunday it looks like a great day for a ride to somewhere South.

Happy to organise a short notice Confidence ride or something similar to Shoreham/Brighton/etc. Any takers? Riders of all types/experiences welcome/required.

I may be tempted :wink:

Shoreham is a great ride from S.E. London, but involves some boring M23.

I was thinking of starting at Box Hill and avoiding all motorways to make sure it is learner legal.

What time were you thinking of setting off from Box Hill?

I was thinking of arriving about 10am for second breakfast and leaving at about 10.30. I am pretty easy on times and places if others are coming and would prefer to do otherwise.

BTW, I have discovered there is a carnival in Brighton on Sunday - not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but anywhere on the coast will do me!

IF anyone is thinking of joining, PM me to exchange phone numbers for comms.

See you tomorrow :smiley:

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This is definitely on so initial post has been updated.

Thanks for a lovely day out. Hope you all got home safely.

Yes I got home safely and thank you all for a great day out.

Really nice to meet all of you, had a great day with great company, great roads, stunning scenery, great weather only one thing missing … i didnt have an ice cream :smiley:

Sooooooo, whens the next one ?

I got home about 5.20 after peeling of at the Reigate turn off on the M25.

In the end Jetstream, Elad, Little Bandit, Trisckie +1 met up at Box Hill. We left just before 11 and I lead an almost horse free ride down the A24/A281 to what we hoped was Devil’s Dyke. Unfortunately the road was closed for a cycle race so we followed the diversions, only to find that road was also closed due to a cycle race! As we were not sure how easy it would be to park in the usual place in Brighton due to the carnival I headed off to Hove seafront where we spend a relaxing hour or so drinking tea and eating chips.

Elad had to be off to London in a hurry, but Jetstream offered to take us along the coast to Beachy Head. We got there only minor inconvenienced by yet another closed road, to find the sky was blue and the visibility was fantastic. We could make out Dungeness Power Station which is 34 miles away!

A short stretch of the legs and then lead by Jetstream we dropped down the twisties into Eastbourne for more tea and cake! Finally, at not long before 4 he lead us back to London up the A22. Trisckie’s friend dropped of as we joined the M23. When we got to the M25 I thought everyone was leaving to go up the A217, but the others stayed on the M25 so I have no idea where they ended up. I headed the direct way home and put the kettle on!

A big thanks to everyone for being good company, putting up with my detours round Devil’s Dyke, and a special thanks to Jetstream for doing the rest of the leading.

Total 146 miles.




Why didn’t you say? There were at least three ice cream vans at Beachy Head!

1st pic reminds me of the shot in Quadrophenia when they all stop on the way into Brighton.:smiley:

Wait till you see the rest of the, as yet unpublished pics!

Why? Are they full of Lambettas? :wink:

Don`t mention anything involving “lamb” however innocent. We got into all sorts of trouble last time!:slight_smile:

Called in at the Ace on the way home, good to meet some more LB`ers.