Sunday 13 Aug

is anybody up to anything sun morn, cant believe things are so quiet

Im up for something but weather has been shockingly bad today, was gonna go down to the barge inn today but it was just really bad heavy rain

Could always ~gasp~ leave our bikes at home and go to the pub ~ducks~

We were planning a rideout from Boxhill in the afternoon but we will have 2x 125 riders with us (weather allowing)

Whos “we” lustfish? And where were u going to go, what time?

go to the summer bash part 2!! i just came home from there after being there since thursday morning and it is so fun!!! theres, booze, bikes, bbq’s…

well me n keti will be at the ace tommorrow morning, i shall be there from 10am!!

hope everyone took there swimming stuff after the rain they must have had

I’m heading to the Ace with westfazer, aiming to get there at about 10:30 then might go for a run somewhere? Anyone wanting to join, feel free.

Will c wot the weathers saying…i wouldnt mind going ace but not sure i will be up early enough to be there for 10.30…look at me, im still up !!

I think richardcain and two of his mates from work are meeting someone from LB (who has a 125) at Cubanas at about 12:30 and then they are riding down to Boxhill to meet me and a friend from Kent BMF.

Not too sure where we are going after that… Maybe the seaside.

You are all more than welcome! That is if the weather holds out, if it isn’t then we might not come out to play.

Nite nite LF x

nitey nite lusty…XXX

I’m planning on having some brekkie, Blade, so we’ll probably be mooching about there for a bit. This weather’s crap, though.

Sorry all, as the weathers appalling have decided to do the oil change I have been promising the green meanie for a couple of weeks…well its as good a time as any

weather’s crap, but I’m getting bike withdrawal symptoms - may be tempted to pop over to the Ace so i can at least chill with fellow bikers!!

Keti & Westie - are you still gonna be there?

I want to go out on my new bike as well but the weather is so crap.

OK I’m off to the Ace for some brekkie & to camp out for a bit - look forward to seeing any other stragglers there!

when the rain eases off i might head fo the ace myself, time wil depend on weather

weather is pants here so I’m staying indoors!

I’ll be the one with the blue & white gixxer

ok, i’m the girl with the dark hair & cream jacket/white england top. and I’ll probably be looking wet as well!