Sunday, 12 March, stay away from Tooting!

Am having a one-day Refresher course at Ride Motorcycle Training in Tooting Broadway! One day of riding a geared bike around the area, my second ever time with gears.

If that goes well, I’ll rent a geared 125cc for a week/two and then think seriously of something more red and sexy. Providing I can sort the parking out, as I’m getting a bit concerned about the ever escalating bike theft situation in London.

Harrah! Monsters and Pirates

Good luck, I am sure you will be fine.

Will be in Cape Town. Is that far enough?


Get stuck in Paivi, remember it’s one down & the rest up. Also remember that it can’t be difficult since we have all mastered it!

Can’t be that difficult if old man admin has done it quite true lol

Good luck you will be fine!

No worries, Paivi…I’m sure you will be wringing that things neck in no time!

Well done Paivi, best of luck! Give them hell!

Best of luck, Paivi; though I’m sure you won’t need it.

That’s easy for you to say, you have the Altantic as a safety buffer!

Cape Town & Kansas may be exaggerating it a bit, staying north of the river should be good enough!

Do ya think these are big enuff to act as a buffer ? btw g’luck!!