Sunday 12/07/2020 - Oddities in Oxfordshire

Meeting at Chiswell Green Starbucks at 9:30am, heading towards Oxfordshire (hopefully past a photographer, link below), estimated 200 miles[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22main_list%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%22%5C%22[]%5C%22%22%7D]%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D

Max 6 people, bring snacks/lunch as I don’t know whats open.
Penguin bars will be awarded if you spot me speeding.
Let me know if you want to come


What a spectacularly boring stretch of road for a photo shoot. I might have to take the Ninja down there just to liven it up a bit :rofl:

Where ya heading to in beautiful South Oxfordshire? I’m intending being out on the bike tomorrow morning and Gangsdown Hill is just down the road from me. Literally.

I did wonder, it a road ive never been down before but not far from a route that i have saved.

This is the proposed route, happy to meet anywhere on it.

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Ron, I’m aiming to join you, thanks, but don’t hang around waiting for me if I’m not there in good time.


Boris, a stupid question but is this a google map? or you dropped it to google for display. lm looking for some nav app that will be easy to custom, thanks

start point’s actual location (as i forgot to put it in the post)

I dont know whats open, so a packed lunch might be sensible. (though we can find a chippy or similar if needed),

Google is great for planning routes, and using street view, but it sucks as a sat nav to follow. I normally use google just to see if the route looks good, and get timings, not much more.

i use locus maps for navigation, its a bit fiddely to make it work, but it lets me put custom routes in (and turn by turn navigation off road too).

you can also import GPX files into it (a standard file format for routes), so i can plan a route on then export them to my phone, to navigate using locus. Though there a bunch of hoops to jump through to do this properly (including paid-for features of both Locus and Furcot).

the route above was made in either locus or furkot (i cant remember) then imported into google to share it.

Ive recently started playing with Calimoto. Its an app that searches for fun routes for you, and then you can navigate using it. You can also set your own routes in the app itself. Only used it a couple of times, but everything seems promising so far.

For ever more to be known as the ‘rideout of batteries.’

I’ll let @Boris explain - when he eventually gets home.


Ha ha sounds interesting

It’s been a while since we’ve had an amusing Rideout report!

Finally made it home, as a pillion :frowning_face:

Had a good start to the ride out through Henley on Thames, stopped at a petrol station to witness someone demonstrating the joys of older ducati ownership, low battery.
Conversation on how good condition the bike is (748), and how he has just had it all fixed up, but now has no battery (and a loose terminal). Taught him to bump start and he’s a goodun.

Then at the far end of the ride (about as far from home as we can be) I notice an eggy smell from my seat. Having not eaten egg sandwiches, thought something was up. Seat off and the battery has ballooned as much as it could in the space available. Bugger.
Attempted to disconnect battery to limp home, but it cut out each time we tried to pull away.
AA and rescue brother eventually called to save the day.

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I’ve only seen batteries like that in a failed UPS.

And it was too hot to touch. The thought of it exploding immediately below a very sensitive part of one’s anatomy was a bit scary. At one point we looked at each other and asked if we should actually be standing near it; it looked ready to go bang any second.

Any idea what caused it? Looks like a motobatt? People have been raving about them…

I had them on my adventure and can’t say the same. They weren’t good at getting bike started in cold conditions and after a period of sitting. Unlike the stock Yuasa (which you can get cheaper from Honda :D)

Boiling H2SO4 is no nice, and doesn’t play well with complex hydro-carbons (like human beings).

Seriously hot H2SO4 can become something called oleum which is fuming sulphuric acid (H2SO7) IIRC and that is seriously dangerous.

Yeah, that’s the embarrassing bit.

The bike was over charging last year, so I replaced the rectifier. I think that rectifier found its way into my parts bin, and then back into the bike.
I’ll test it tonight, but I’d imagine it’s not the battey’s fault.

I had one die in my Tiger 800 after the bike had been sat for 6yrs wouldn’t take a charge. Bump started it to get it to the MOT. The guy there said they’ve stopped selling MotoBatt as they were having no end of problems with them.

In my case it wasn’t that (or didn’t seem to be)… It just had a lot lower CCA than the original one, which my limited research told me the more you had, the better in the cold.

In everything else it resembled the original so was sold as such. Took me a couple of batteries and pointless fiddling to work it out when I should have just looked at the box

The bike is charging at 18v, so the regulator has died and cooked the battery.

Well at least you weren’t cooked as well!!