Sun 7 August. Old lags lock down rideout.

Don`t be put off by the title.

Leaving the Ace at 10am. Empty bladders and full tanks.

The late set off allows time for a hearty breakfast (Porridge available) as lunch may be light, though afternoon  refreshments may abundantise themselves.

We dearly hope the old Lags are available.

Heading west.

Expecting 32 riders but accepting 19 (see the rusty thread)

Rusty welcome btw as you have not seen the ring.

Nothing fancy, but more fun than you could have home alone with a dead shark. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna pass as I lost all confidence on the loan bike after yesterday’s off. I’ll be handing the keys back and waiting for the return of mine tbh.

But enjoy

That`s a shame The Sleeper.

Rideout rule No1.

Don`t post excuses.

Rideout  rule No 2.

Don`t ask where you can join us.

Rideout rule No 3.

Dont ask what time well be back.

Other than that yer all welcome unless,

You ride a 125.

You ride a Harley. 

You are a nobber.

Your name ends in “xy”

£2.00 a rider to be collected for LAA.

Forgot to mention this is one of LB`s iconic rideouts.

Lol this is not and excuse it’s the truth.

You just can’t handle the truth!!!

Rusty welcome btw as you have not seen the ring. Jetstream
One ring to rule them all !
£2.00 a rider to be collected for LAA. Jetstream
LAA = Lagers for Aceman, Alright?
Forgot to mention this is one of LB`s iconic rideouts. Jetstream
Would that be a run through Ninja country?

Rideout  rule No 2. Any exceptions? lol

Sorry my excuse is I’ve already breached rule 3 but as an established lag can l join at the Ace? And l only do hearty lunches on a Sunday.

We’ll let you know Sat eve Ricky when the route is planned but we’re going West.
Des you may have to have a 2-course lunch (sandwich and cake). Ice cream afternoon stop available too

West … avoid blenheim area and a338 wantage may still be closed !

Blenheim was a blooming night mare to get through tonight on the way home from Oxford, mind you so was the A40 to Cheltenham…

Hope they get Countryfile live back on the TV where it belongs lol.

Thanks for the warning.

Are you lagging on Sunday???

Cheers for the tip, after a quick detour you’ll find yourself on an empty 338.
H-Hungerford 30min. :grin:

Am at a loose end Sunday, might lag along. Being a bit TOWIE, I don’t often get chance to Go West!