Sun 1st June, Chasing the Dragon rideout.

Depart the Ace 9.15am for a narcotics free rideout to Wells-next-the sea. (Norfolk coast)

Rock up early with a full tank, empty bladder and an open mind.:slight_smile:

No nobbers (unless complete), no Harleys (:D), no L plates.

Around 275 miles.

Back before dark by a fairly large margin.

Fish and chips and seaside ice cream available.:wink:

I’ll empty the bladder and fill the tank, not necessarily in that order, at the BP Garage c10:30 Hrs

Woo hooo! Have we got a ford for you! (Optional footbridge for pussies)

what route you taking, m11, ill catch you on the way, if that’s ok,

would be nice to see you all been a while,

I’ll be there if I wake in time :slight_smile:

No M11, we`re meeting Art at the BP station in Newmarket by way of A1, A414, B1004 to Bishops Stortford then via Safron Walden and the B1052 to Newmarket where the adventure begins.:cool:

ok thanks might be going to Hunstanton, will look out for you, if I cut across to wells, ride safe and have fun

Love Wells next to the sea, it is awesome.

Just arrived back today from one work trip and off tomorrow for another, so won 't be joining :crying: have fun and build some sandcastles. You can get a special salty seaweed at wells, which can be boiled up and eaten:)

Will look out for the pics.

Looking forward to finally having some decent riding time at the end of June in Scotland:)

There be dragons. :w00t:

Peddars Way is the shortcut to Hunstanton. :wink:

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nice thanks,:slight_smile:

I might join you , if I wake up :slight_smile:

totally been up of this if i didn’t have a whole house to pack ready for the move next weekend.:crying:

Hi, staying in same area? Working today :slight_smile: one more weekend, then I am Free.

Enjoy, l’ve morning comittments so can’t get out til later

I’m rushing to make it!

See you at the Ace.:cool:

Sorry we can’t join you for a couple of weekends. Have loads of fun today.

I found the elusive 134 via Clare, Cavendish and Foxearth and I’m on my second IPA of the evening.

A cracking day with a bit of everything a non vegetable all day breakfast including a large latte, doughnuts, a proper rock n gravel ford, seaside fish & chips alas no gravy or mushy peas (this was Wells not Wales), more latte and a nice cream with lots a chocolate bits in it :slight_smile:

With plenty of windy twisty tarmac in between, lovely jubbly

Thanks to Mr & Mrs J for the calling, planning, leading and helping me out with the doughnuts, Blu for sterling work as tail gunner and helping me out in the wetter - we tried again and again to get lost but Blu was having none of it, Frankie, Wolfie, Jamie and Amanda enjoyed your company.

More of the same soon.