Sun 19 Aug - 125/small bike friendly ride then OMC BBQ

As in the title, a small bike/125 friendly ride, others welcome but no nobbers.

Depart the Ace 10.00 am sharp, out somewhere West ish for lunch, ending up at the OMC BBQ mid afternoon.

Set off with full tanks and empty bladders.

Anyone interested??? :slight_smile:

If you haven’t been on a ride using the cornerman system before read this: and if you don’t understand it fully, please ask before setting off.

I’d like my interest noted. I’ll be out and about on Sunday, Mrs Scorch is less keen.

125 friendly? wtf? You guys feeling alright? You’ll be inviting 50cc scooterists next :wink:

Get te feck, there are limits yer know;):smiley:

Any ideas on what time we will arrive at the BBQ? I have work at 18:30 and want to get as much BBQ as possible!

We`re thinking around 3 to 4pm. Small bike dependent.:slight_smile:

Its been a while since i’ve been on a rideout…Sport tyres and twisties please!

working sunday sorry :frowning:

Is this a 125 friendly rideout? Because I want to drop the…oh never mind.

im broke, how much money is needed for the day approx thanks?

I’d like to come along please. Will be on the Beamer - look forward to seeing you again on Sunday.

What or where is OMC?


i really would love to have gone, but i am absolutely broke. so many outgoings im paying for im skint by the middle of the month, ran out of petrol on way home just now, managed to find a couple of quick to get me home just, cannot fork out for a long trip. such a shame, my wages are utter ****

Gonna try and make this with my son - he’ll be on a 125. If we don’t make it on the ride we may well see some of you at the BBQ

Will come, would like to go for ride :)be about 9:30

kawasaki er6-n 2007

i will be coming. with my more than battered vfr… looking forward.

or harley riders, nah i doubt they would go that far, lol

Hi Chris /Julie … Do you know where you are lunching tomorrow? As I will be out and about west but may be able to meet up with you guys and then ride to OMC with you… come back… over :slight_smile:

Ooh Choppy, you can be so hurtful.:crying:

Of course Harley riders are welcome as long as they remember its a 125 friendly rideout and dont go too fast or make too much noise about it.:smiley:

We are proud to announce we now have a celebrity tailgunner, who will brook no dicking about at the back of the pack.:slight_smile:

We spoke to Jaime (the chief BBQ chef at OMC) and he was enthusiastic about the state of his well hung Biltong.:w00t:

Hope all the newcomers have read up on the cornerman system and see you all in the morning.:cool: