Sun 18th Jan - Egg & chip run may contain nuts.

This LB classic will entertain all involved.

Depart the Ace 9.30am

A ride to tickle yer fancies.

Roads, Lunch, and a leader to lead you somewere near home.

Not forgetting Egg and chips and a cup of tea for the cognoscenti :slight_smile:

:)I’m in.
If there’s no snow.

Sounds nice. But bike is actually due a service. So don’t know if I should get that sorted before more riding :blink:

Meh, there’s due a service, and there’s DUE A SERVICE, couple of miles over wouldn’t worry me. :hehe:

If it’s booked in it basically counts as done.

Assuming I get all my stuff done at Mian’s on saturday rather than fixing his bike, I’ll probably turn up, complete with little spanner icon showing on the clock.

Well you guy’s have a point. It’s got 4050-4100 on the clock now (4000 mile service). So it’s not critical :slight_smile:

I’m getting the work done with our all time favorite Scorch and it’s not booked yet.

Thats fine you wont “need” a service. I might have to meet you at lunch as i have a meeting in the morning.:angry:

Go enjoy yourself mate :wink:

Well when we’ve looked at the weather forecast Sat eve we’ll have a better idea of which egg & chip emporium we’re heading for and can let you know :slight_smile:

Allright, the guru has spoken :slight_smile:

I’m in :cool:

I may tag along on this ride, I could show off the new hole in my bikes fairing…I’m clumsiest biker I know :ermm:

Weather dependant, last week was cold but this is gonna be colder!!

:w00t: You haven’t dropped the Nuytona :ermm:


Looking at the weather and it doesn’t look too good for Sunday now, but I’m not sure I believe the weather forecast for London since the disappearing act of that dreadful snow!

Looks OK for the lunch stop.:slight_smile:


Temperature (�c)18. Jan12:0004:0008:0016:0020:00-2.502.557.5
Next 48 Hours This Week Next Week Next 6 Months Date/TimeTemperatureRain/Snow/CloudWind
DayFromUntilTempFeelsAmtInt%RainCldDirSpeed0°cPressWeatherConf.Sun 180:002:592 °c-1 °c0.1 mmV Lgt25 %100 %5-8mph652 m1009 mb 3:005:591 °c-2 °c0.2 mmV Lgt25 %100 %5-8mph582 m1009 mb 6:008:59-1 °c-4 °c0.0 mm
10 %46 %7-12mph0 m1011 mb 9:0011:594 °c1 °c0.0 mm
0 %39 %8-16mph626 m1011 mb 12:0014:595 °c0 °c0.0 mm
0 %81 %13-25mph563 m1011 mb 15:0017:595 °c-4 °c0.0 mm
5 %41 %13-35mph341 m1012 mb 18:0020:591 °c-5 °c0.0 mm
0 %87 %18-36mph307 m1012 mb 21:0023:591 °c-7 °c0.3 mmV Lgt5 %88 %21-38mph314 m1013 mb

i wish i could come along, if I wasnt working i would be there,
working weekends should be illegal!

Somewhat unsurprisingly I’ve work to do tomorrow, so I’ll not be turning up after all :frowning:

Hopefully we’ll do a 3 café ride, if not four. Anyone else up for it? We’re not taking jibbing excuses for those already comitted;)

Batterys on charge

Chains been lubricated

Woo hoo !!

Is Tommy coming, has he escaped from the clutches of Kevin and Ernie :ermm:

I’ll meet you for coffee at 10.30