Sun 18th Dec, Take a walk on the wild side. Hatfield forest.

Hatfield forest one of Englands oldest forests where King Harold was a regular till he got one in the eye. Many trees over 1000yrs old and other pretty sites to view:)

We`re off up there tomorrow for a walk in the woods if anyone fancies joining us for some fresh air, mild exercise and light refreshment.

No slut boots:P

If you fancy joining us let us know on here, by PM or text before 10.00am Sunday and we can arrange to meet.

Love, Nina xx

Great pics Jizz, is that off the Dunmow Road?

Yes Sharon, we believe it is - just off the B1256 at Takeley - we’ll have plenty more pics after our visit tomorrow. Ride quietly on yer way home, we don’t want that Riot scaring our old doggie;)

Only been there once, but I remember some very unusual and very old trees.

Well we like old & unusual things, so we’re quite looking forward to it. Which was your favourite?:slight_smile:

have fun, i guess i will be walking up and down a high street some where looking for a girl in 6inch high heal slut boots:w00t: carrying bags of shopping.

Well we had a lovely afternoon away from christmas shopping, yomping through the ancient woodland.

Home safe, dog washed, burdock seeds removed from clothing and relaxing with a glass of Prosecco superior and a plate of caviar blinis.:cool:

looks lovely there, are you shure that nina did’nt drain the oil out of BB2 so she gets more walkies:laugh:

You could be right but she`s regretting it. She is totally knackered.:slight_smile:

I’ve enjoyed many visits to Hatfield Forest with Mrs Art …

Not been for about 15 years now, back then a local drama group was putting on 2-3 open air shakespeare productions throughout the summer. Blanket on the ground, picnic hamper and a bottle of wine - luvely jubbbly as Del Boy might have it.

I’ll have to check the NT inter webby wotsite to see their 2012 programme

Did you take advantage of the mistletoe?

We dont do sexual deviancy with plants Kev, indeed were not sure of the word that would decribe it.:slight_smile:

Plantiality, shrubophilia?:smiley:

Mind you, the young bullocks didn`t get off so lightly.:blush:

Oooh that sounds lovely and it would just suit us - one loves Shakespeare, the other snores at it & it got a bit embarrassing last time at the theatre - out in the open the snores wouldn’t sound so bad, eh??:slight_smile:

Just checked the NT inter webby …

Seems I’m too early for the 2012 programme

Looks lovely there!:cool:

Does every thing Mrs Jizz talk about turn to her sexual deviance?:blink:

And it seems Art is a little premature!:blush:

A lovely area for a strole - even if the noise polution from Stansted can interfear at times. Oh btw, who’s the redhead in the first picture?