Sun 15.5.11 Mrs J`s post birthday rideout.

Following our feline hiatus we hope to be on the road again.:slight_smile:

This one has something for everyone but not everyone is invited.:cool:

This re-run of the birthday postponed ride is limited to the same 13+ riders who signed up last time.

In the interim it has evolved into a more extreme experience with tabbies and Burmese at every corner.

Depart the Ace 9.00am, full tank and new rubber.

Collection for the “Cats protection league”:slight_smile:


The Cats Protection League can f*** off !!! :):D;)

Dogs forever…!! :hehe::hehe::hehe:

Much regret that I shall now have to miss this event:hehe: :hehe:

I’ll have to clean the Bonnie’ again …

Picked up a little road grime yesterday on a quick jaunt over to Manor Park

9:00am start, where we goin’?

CAThedral tour?
CAT and Fiddle?

I’m all set. See you at The Ace.

and funny how its after the slight moggy incident they are now on the offensive

Bit confused;) is this ride for next weak, or was it today, im having a DOH day:D

The clues in the date :wink:

yep defo having a DOH day:D


Off to the land of the Porridge gobblers this weekend so won’t be around…but if you fancy a trip to the Ace on Wednesday, be happy to wish you a happy Birthday :slight_smile:

I never get any of the clues the Jets post up so it’s always a complete mystery to me where we end up in… :smiley:

going to Oval on Sat to tighten chain and give the bike a good looking over just for this one! :smiley:

Sometimes it’s a mystery to us too but look at a 350 ish mile round trip, back before dark:) If the weather is fine we fancy a bit of Dorset;)

Just to be on the safe side I will be fitting spears on the bike for any lunging felines… :smiley:

We could get a disposable BBQ & grill em.:smiley:

Already one step ahead… Always keep a disposable BBQ in my cupboard :smiley:

The Cat Protection League are not short of a bob or two if the enormous 3D display that dominated the London Pet Show at Olympia at the weekend is anything to go by.

BTW, Jackie can be made out in this photo - if you know where to look!



Good to hear the jets are back on 2 wheels again :wink:

Think I’m part of that 13+ so I might see ye there for this weekends ironbutt renewal competition :P…in stealth this time though…:cool:


i’ll be on only if the weather’s good, if its not please feel free to take my space :cool:

Could be up for this, depending on how late I get home on Sat night… :smiley: