Sun 11th March, 125 friendly mystery rideout.

As we`re still easing in our new engine this will be a more moderately paced rideout, no motorways, so suitable for learners, 125s, those running in new engines and anyone who fancies it.

Cornerman system will be employed. See: but if you’re not sure about it after reading please ask before setting off & we’ll happily explain it again so everyone knows what to do on the day:)

Departing from the Ace at 9.30 am with full tanks and empty bladders.

Back before dark.:slight_smile:

Route will be decided on Saturday in the light of up to date weather forecasts.

(PS: Note to newbies - 9.30 departure means just that - not the time to turn up. If you want breakfast/coffee etc at the Ace before setting off allow yourself time for that. We won’t stay there waiting for latecomers to arrive).

As with all rideouts you participate at your own risk and neither we nor LB can be responsible for you if you experience any mishaps.

Excellent timing. I am planning to hire a 125 manual bike to practise gear changes, so a 125 friendly ride is exactly what I need :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing you, we`ll make sure there are lots of gear changes and the odd hill start.:smiley:

I’m booked for brekkie at the Ace at 10am, but may get there earlier to say hello to you folks :D. If you know where you’re going will maybe meet you at a suitable point on your ride as it would be lovely to have a Sunday out on the saddle:P

My mum’s over from Greece but I think she may be going back to cheltenham on Sunday so may well be free :slight_smile:

Darn - I’m in Wales, but hope to join you on another ride soon. Enjoy BB2.5 :slight_smile:

We could always go that direction so you could drop her off.:smiley:

Sure shed like a bit of pillion action now shes seen the movie.:stuck_out_tongue:

My mum… get on the back of a bike? :w00t: Even if she hadn’t seen my riding, the chances would have been pretty slim…

I believe the phrase she used was: “If hell freezes over, maybe I will…” :slight_smile:

Not sure what the weekend plans are at the moment…but I’m sure they can include a Jetstream rideout :smiley: So weather permitting (and aslong as I can get the bike started) I’m sure Mr-C and myself will be there :slight_smile:

Oohh, looks like we have a convoy, Mrs J has headed for a bath and a rubber duck.

No rude comments please.:slight_smile:

I may be in for this too :slight_smile:

BTW if you don’t have a tailgunner I don’t mind doing it.

I’ll pop along too. I can keep Dan company at the rear :stuck_out_tongue:
Dan likes the rear…

Ah, rubber duck to sodbuster, come over. yeah, 10-4, sodbuster? lissen, you wanna put that micra-bus right behind that suicide jockey? yeah, hes haulin dynamite, and he needs all the help he can hear.

:)We may just partake in this little bimble:)

I’m moving this weekend so can’t come along …will definately do everything I can to get to the next one! Can’t believe I still haven’t been on a Jets rideout :crying:

Great, looking forward to seeing everyone:)


There might be :wink:

Well folks, do we believe Metcheck nowadays or are they still fibbers?

Not sure which way we’re heading but this is for London on Sunday:

DayFromUntilTempFeelsUVRainCloudDirSpeedGustWeatherSun 11 Mar0:002:595 °c3 °c00.0 mm56 %6 mph7 mph3:005:594 °c2 °c00.0 mm40 %5 mph6 mph6:008:598 °c7 °c10.0 mm11 %4 mph5 mph9:0011:5913 °c12 °c30.0 mm6 %4 mph5 mph12:0014:5914 °c14 °c50.0 mm2 %4 mph5 mph15:0017:5914 °c8 °c30.0 mm13 %4 mph5 mph18:0020:599 °c6 °c00.0 mm40 %4 mph5 mph

BBC confirms… :smiley:

I reckon I’ll get the muffs off then! If the petrol range was not so bad I’d take out the KTM (about 55 miles before hitting reserve which is 2L)