Sun 1.3.15 A few old favourites, back before the rain sets in.

Depart the Ace 9.30 am.

No nobbers, pant wetters or tank filling jibbers.

Morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea included. Good roads, red kites, free toll bridges, community shop, lunch, a cathedral city as seranaded by the New Vaudeville Band (Grammy) some 272, tea at the Departure Lounge, and home via Basingstoke and a visit to Nemesis Ford which will remain forever a must do but not today.

Ride at own risk, cornerman system will be in use if there are enough people out.

ah the nemesis ford, better get the other toy out

Bring it on.:stuck_out_tongue:

See you at 9.30

Maybe. Not setting an alarm but if I do wake up in time I’ll be there :Whistling:

I’ll hold you to the back before the rain sets in, I’ll pack water proofs!

Meeting also at Beaconsfield Services fuel dump at 10.00 am.

Off to bed! See you at Beaconsfield!

Sadly the Italians showed the Caledonian pretenders the way to go home, again :frowning: and The Men of Harlech broke The French Defence again :frowning:

So come 3 pm tomorrow I needs to be fairly close to a TV when a right proper battle royal will commence between Ireland and England who are both on target for a 2015 Grand Slam.

Have a good ride

Cracking day out. Thanks to the weather gods and the Jet Streams, maybe the same people?

I even got to use my knee sliders:hehe:

Thanks for running this. Lovely day. Lovely roads and fantastic weather that just got better and better (until it got worse)

Got home at 3 - needed to head off as my lack of sleep was beginning to tell.

Hope you all enjoyed the cake at the Departure Lounge and got home before the rain - looks horrid out there right now!

Some pictures from Hampstead Norreys. A little gem!

Well we got home ten minutes before the first raindrop fell, just enough time to was the bike.:slight_smile:

Lovely sunny day and dry grippy roads after our coffee stop at Hampstead Norries.

Down the A343 for lunch in Andover.

After lunch, Stockbridge, Winchester and a section of A272 before heading up the A32 to Alton and the Departure Lounge cafe.

Back via Basingstoke and Nemesis Ford.

We used the bridge but did watch a Range Rover plough through.

Thanks Jets, Changy and Giuliano for a fantastic ride today.

As we rode away from the ford, Chris seemed to aim for a big muddy puddle, as if to say “Ford. I fart in your general direction”.

I’m sure we will revisit another day - but perhaps not with that bike.

looks like you had a lovely day out, glad to see a bit of sliding action going on at the departure lounge.

I did manage to get the blue one out if hibernation for a quick tour of the north Cotswolds. ie I went to Broadway. :smiley:

Back in time to watch crap on tv. :angry:

Looks like it panned out better than my day, crap TV on the far dark side too :frowning:

So pleased all the attendees enjoyed themselves, we did too. Looked a bit like spring was on the verge of sprungage which was enough to gruntle us mildly.

Essex Strumpet is in preparation. :smiley:

I was quite whelmed by the weather :smiley:

And to round off the day, a pair off Essex Strumpets.:cool:

Not sure what the round things are, but the sauce looks just like the oil and water emulsion produced when my Rover’s head gasket failed!

The round things are figs (for five a day). On a bed of brandy-soaked sponge covered in double cream with a few freckles of grated nutmeg. Most unlike your head gasket we suspect :cool:

Looked like another good day out :smiley: I see Nick is giving a new use to his knee sliders :stuck_out_tongue:

I tailgunned for my own little ride on Sunday; looking after three 125 riders on a little bimble to pick up a new bike for one (who has just passed his CBT) and around some nice easy country roads in Reading/Basingstoke. Spotted a fair few bikers but alas, didn’t see any of the Jetstream crew :frowning: