Sump drain plug head size?

Have Fords re-invented their spanner sizing?

Just carried out the long over due oil and filter change on the Fusion.

The sump drain bolt was removed easy enough with a 22 mm socket, although it felt a little on the loose side. Turns out to be 20.83 mm :w00t: that’s 7/16 British Standard Whitworth in real money.

Can’t remember the last time I had that little chap was out of his drawer :ermm:

what’s a sump plug

Kinda like a butt plug, except it’s for your engine.:w00t:

its like a bath plug but dirtier…

That was 10,597miles since its last service, which according to the service book was allegedly carried out by the Dealer I bought it from, Dagenham Motors of Woodford Green. Ford recommends a servicing schedule of 12,500 miles or annually whichever comes first.

If I were a gambling man, judging by the condition of the oil and filter cartridge, I’d wager they just stamped the book to get it out the door with Ford Main Dealer FSH :w00t:

edit: If you want to know its been done proper job, do it yourself :wink:

A sump plug is the little plug on the bottom of the sump which allows you to drain it.

This was a sump drain bolt :wink:

Someone is going to have to explain the difference between a “sump drain bolt” and a “sump plug” to me as I’ve only had 50 years of working on engines.

Oldguy :ermm:

Since you asked, it was an apprenticeship thing

Which probably came with a long weight :wink:

Got to do mine very soon not looking forward to it as the cost for parts at the moment is looking at around the £100 mark

£100.00 that’s Stealers rates :w00t:

I picked up 4 litres of Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 semi-synth engine oil on offer at Halfords for £17.50 and a Mann oil filter from Euro Car Parts for £6.28. DIY in 10 minutes <£25.00 and the Fusion is good to go for another 12,500 miles :slight_smile:

I also did a proper job full service on Mrs Arts Astra including engine oil, oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, HT lead set, three windscreen wiper blades, brake fluid flush, headlamp bulb, side light bulb and stop tail light bulb for <£80.00 :slight_smile:

Check out Euro Car Parts for some seriously competitive prices on branded products. Just enter your reg number now and they’ll list all the relevant components/parts for your car. 160+ Stores nationwide, their best prices are offered on their inter webby click with collection ready in 5 minutes. In store prices are slightly more than their inter webby offers :wink:

I use ECP and various other motor factors already but when I bought mine I had to be johnny big spuds and go for the biggest non commercial diesel engine ford were doing at the time (2.2) which they only did for about 19-20 months before pulling it so there aren’t many aftermarket parts around they have since revised the engine and brought it back so hopefully some of the parts will be backwards compatible but as it stands it looks like this

Oil 6 litres 35-40

Fuel filter 40

Oil filter 6

Air filter 20

Pollen filter 11

Check out Halfords latest engine oil offer you’ll get two oil changes for £36

£12 gets you 5L of 5w-30 or 10w-40 or 5w-40 fully synthetic engine oil :wink:

Ta for that Art will give them a look but hopefully in the meantime the commercial motor factor I use for the company trucks will come back with some much lower prices