Summer's over

Noticed how the dark mornings have crept in and the evenings are shot to pieces now…

…roll on Xmas! :w00t:

yup. noticed it today. not happy:crying:

Don’t be so upset about it - Summer’s always over by the August BH weekend, but riding in Autumn can be brilliant, the countryside will look great, it won’t be too hot and we often get some nice weather in Sept/Oct. :slight_smile:

True. But when you work until 10pm at night and its dark at 4pm its tough.

But…I get all day in teh sunshine (albeit cold)

Autumn riding is fun and this year I can do it! Young KaTie is gonna love it too! Roll on the BCR!

Get that dark visor on for those awesome Autumn afternoons with the golden sun.

meh don’t know what you lot are still on about… have two weeks holiday in greece coming up… Summer doesn’t end till then! :stuck_out_tongue:

But make sure you get home before it gets too dark !

Autumn is my favourite season; and up here it is absolutely stunning. Everything changes. It’s beautiful. It’s not all bad.

thats the beauty of a fat moto they go good all year round :smiley:

Winter is deffo on the way. I love the cold weather anyway…

Got a song for all you sportsbike riders.


best time of year for lamping too

How can it be over when it never even started? :hehe:

Is that a euphemism Steve? :wink:

There was an absolutely beautiful sunset the other night!

Funny, yesterday I wore my big coat which I usually wear in Winter…

yes mate:D

its a term used, using a spotlamp to pick up reflection of rabbits eyes, thus giving me the oppotunity to shoot them:)

all done under strict pest control conditions before any bunny huggers jump on me,

As much as they may be pests, I like bunnies, they’re cute :frowning:

/edit: alive, that is…

I’m not going to lie, that picture makes me really fucking sad.

How are rabbits ‘pests’ though? If you’re into ‘hunting’ so much why don’t you go uptown and go shoot the rats?

Hold on… rabbits have been hunted for years and years… They are absolutely fantastic to eat in a rabbit stew :slight_smile:

Rats on the other hand are dirty buggers that you cannot eat

We do tend to get over emotional of things we keep at home whereas we need to remember that very few animals were designed as pets… they all started out as food at one point or another!

I’m going to summon all my vegan superpowers and walk away from this thread otherwise it’ll get messy.

Your vegan superpowers are no match for my carnivore teeth… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: