Summer's Coming....

Pics taken by Ginger,he is pretty good with a camera!:smiley:






You’re getting good at that knee down stuff aren’t you Ratty! ;):smiley:

first sign of warm weather for me…being able to comfertably get teh sliders down;):smiley:

Might have to give this a try on my Ninja - seemed a long way down on the Bandit :stuck_out_tongue: Might have to get leathers with sliders first though !


Loving the last one Ratty - might be constreud as " not being in full control of your motorcycle on a public highway " by an officer with nothing better to do however LOL

Ging is soooo good at photos , he’s even got your Forum name in focus on the back of yer fleece :cool:

And , YES , I am jealous of your knee down ability LOL


Looking good there Ratty. Much lower and youre going to have a get a slider for that bum bag :smiley:

very impressive … :wink:

Ratty is the KD king :cool:

God forbid any harm comes to Ratty’s beloved man bag :w00t:

nice pics ratty:cool:

oi you leave my ‘WAIST BAG’ outta this!! forget sliders for thhat, i need elbow sliders next:D

Ta for the comments, dunno about King, but i defo do it well;):slight_smile:

gingers the man…he is good with that camera…goo dsome pukka shots…BIG up ginge:)

propper good lean angle in the one handed shot mate :cool:

how about you work on your body position a bit now you have it dialled, you are really twisted on the bike, drop your inside shoulder towards the floor, like you are looking around a solid door along the line of your inside mirror…then you’ll be bang on mate and it’ll feel much better too.

ta dude,

ya know…i have tried to this so many times, i just cant ‘kiss’ the mirror…feels way too odd? like i cant control the bike that way?

at brands on my left corners, only two i know, but i was much better body postion wise on the left? odd i know…

im working on it…i try all time, i will get it eventually, but hey seems to work at teh mo:D

sure is working mate, you tried getting into position on the side stand then replicating that when you get moving? I’m no body position expert, just thought it would help.

lookn gr8 Ratty… + index finger on each lever; nice lean on the last one K :cool:

yeah i have, just feels liek im going to fall off if i really do kiss the mirror! tis an odd feeling…Since Brands it feels liek the learning has REALLY begun;)

practice makes perfect and all that:D

do you know any nice roundabouts like that in south london? im based near wimbledon, but all the roundabout seem to have traffic lights on them or rude boys screaming through them in their blacked out little **** wagons… not nice when ur trying to KD and some twat almost rams into hte side of you :frowning:

Whats wrong with a bandit :stuck_out_tongue:



hes not a gangly notherner liek you:P

still cant belive you KD’ed that piece of junk:w00t::w00t::w00t::D:D:P (photoshop!!)